Tuesday 9 September 2014

Run Windows on Your Mac smoothly

Steve Jobs in the year 2005 gave the most unbelievable piece of information that was a jaw dropping situation for everyone. He stated that the company who has been using the IBM or Motorola chips in their Mac computers from past 21 years will now switch over to Intel processors.

Even though many were shocked over this decision but; this switchover turned Mac into a completely new computer. All the Mac programs were expected to be rewritten or atleast they would have to start working on the classic windows. The OS X, Mac operating system would also require to be rewritten, but sources claimed that the rewriting of the operating system has already been done by Apple secretly.

But many techies were thinking that if the Mac comes with an Intel chip inside then it will become easy for hackers to run windows through it. There are four categories of people who will be willing to do this:
  • Fans of computers programs like Microsoft, QuickBooks and Quicken, who are more advanced and rich in terms of their windows version.
  • People, who rely on programs which are currently unavailable in Mac computers, like IE, AutoCAD, SAP- corporate social planning, and other custom apps of corporations.
  • This can be done by people who like to write software and WebPages. Through this they will be able to test their work in different operating systems, while still working on a single computer or laptop.
  • People who are looking for safety can switch from windows to Mac and then switch back to Mac whenever they find a need to do that.
For some time there were instructions circulated all over the internet on how to switch from windows to Mac and vice versa. The later on Bootcamp was introduced by Apple, which was the most authorized way for installing windows on Mac computers. But the drawback of Bootcamp was that one can either run windows or Mac operating system at one time. The system will need to be restarted every time you are looking to change operating system.

Another option that was put forth was virtualization programs which include VMWare Fusion or Parallels Desktop. These virtual programs will allow the users to run windows in window even though you are in Mac computer. You will be able to run both the operating system at the same time and can even copy data from one operating system to another.

According to reports parallel operating system will allow the users to run the Microsoft office application 50 times faster than before and also save upto 30% of the battery life. So now Mac has become one of the most prominent choice for millions of users around the world.

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