Saturday 27 September 2014

Personality Clone Software in the Next 5 Years

Digital Twin
According to John Smart, creative thinker and founder of the Acceleration Studies Foundation, technology is going to reach an ultimate level in the next 5 years. When we die, our families don’t have to visit our graves, they simply need to turn on the digital twins and can talk to them.

Smart utilizes many names for the technology which he is predicting, like digital twin or personal agent or even cyber self. But at the end all this is based in the same concept and that is a computer based version of you. The digital twin will be able to repeat interest and values of the people and this can be done through various gathered strategies and organized data. Smart has written that these digital twins will be able to input archived email and user writing, real time wearable smart phones and give verbal feedback to enhance the intelligent and productive guidance of the user. This will be handy in purchase, communication, feedback and learning activities of the user. This technology will be able to displace all the information from a real person to their cyber twin.

Smart has also stated that at one point of time this digital twin will be able to replicate the human emotions and facial expressions. Even though this concept might sound too far stretched, it is relying on the fact that today most of the people are forming relationships online. With the computer science advancing, this will only improve the connection and strengthen their bond with identities which may be not real.

According to Smart it is all about creating a world for people wherein they have someone who are looking for values. For the digital twin to attain complete potential, they need semantic maps and a good conversational interface.

Conversational Interfaces (CI): 

Smart wants the people to be able to engage with this technology and wants them to able to hold conversation with them. Even though many companies have been able to implement similar range of technologies, but none of them have been seems to be boasting about it. Through this technology the computer has a stored memory of the context and memory exchange.


The digital twin will be able to interact with the users, based on the information retrieved from the store emails and then formulate a data having the interest and values. This twin will be able to help a person to even choose a product that suits their interest. Based on the information given to this digital twin, they will be able to give direction through the wearable device. Through the valuecosm one can change the settings of the device anytime.

We are looking for a future wherein we can have a control over the algorithmic interface of our identity. This idea was basically developed for increasing and improving advertising.


General public is always worried about their privacy online. Google and some of the other companies have already been targeted for extracting personal information of the people. But with the digital twin technology, online privacy might be at high risk as one need to share their information with the companies so that they can access and optimize the technology further.

As per Smart, it will take more than 5 year to use all the available technologies and develop personal agents.

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