Thursday 4 September 2014

The 7 Emojis People Love To Ignore

Emoticons or as more commonly called “Smileys” or “Emoji” are an essential part of online chatting and SMS texting along with stickers. However, there are tons of smileys available that we rarely explore and tend to stick to the most common ones. Emojitracker has data on emojis used in tweets and provides us with some of the least used emojis ever. While “white card with red heart” is the most common one, let us look at the least used ones.
  • Left Luggage: This technically signifies area from where you pick up luggage from an airport or hotel. It is just used 6000 times till now. While not very flexible and limited to very specific use, it can be used to denote a friend who tends to leave behind his luggage or maybe portray that you are keeping something secure and safe. 
  • Vibration Mode: This emoji is not at all obvious or how it is related to vibration mode. Thus, there is lot of confusion about what it implies. It can however instead be used to imply that you love your smartphone or even its display in particular. The emoji has been used 40.586.
  • Clear: This emoji denotes the letter “CL” in blue, which stands for “clear”. You can use it in phrases like “clear to send”. However, the meaning can be extended to imply “closed” as well i.e. “The shop has for good”. It has been used 24,978 times.
  • Outbox Tray:While this emoji is pretty intuitive in nature, it has been used very few a times. It can used to imply that you have sent someone mail and ask them to check in their outbox or just use it to imply that you have sent something in general. It can also imply you just opened something. It has been used 31,603 times.
  • Slot Machine: The emoji itself is obvious showing a 3-matched slot. While the most common use would be in case you went to the casino or in Las Vegas, there is not else existing context with it. You can also use it to imply that you just hit the lottery but that does not happen every day. A total of 63560 times has it seen itself being used.
  • Clock Faces: While they are clear in what they imply, usage can be a problem. You can use them to imply the timings of certain event or that you might be late by a few hours or just it to just say you are “passing time”. It has thus seen 22993 times of use.
  • Falling Line Graph: While clearly denotes something failing or falling, people fail to use it. Use it to imply “stocks crashed” or results have gone down or in general, you are not feeling great. It has been used a total of 45119 times.
These data have been collected since 2013 and to give you some perspective, the common ones have been used millions of times. However, you can find situations where you can apply them to enhance your text.

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