Wednesday 24 September 2014

Google Buys Makers of Tremor-Canceling Technology- Lift Labs

Lift Labs
Industry Giant Google has bought Lift labs, the company which has developed battery operable utensils that has made the life of the people easier who are suffering with Parkinson disease or essential tremor. They can now eat their meals with the help of these utensils. Parkinson’s disease is known to give terrible tremor and shaky hands and makes it difficult for the people to eat food or drink. “Liftware”, the product developed by Lift labs has been able to cancel more than 70% of the tremors.

According to healthcare and life sciences research director at Frost & Sullivan, Daniel Ruppar, there is lot of progress and development being carried out pertaining to technology-centric innovation in Parkinson’s disease. Clinical activity trackers and technology is part of these items which will be used to enable communication in the patients facing difficulty.

According to Tim Drinan, Google spokesperson, Lift labs has now officially joined Google X and as per Michael Magdaleno, Lift spokesperson, even Lift lab is pretty excited to be the part of Google.

Lift-ware technology:

Lift labs have developed a whole range of spoons which include soup spoon, standard spoon and fork. These utensils have been developed with tremor and motion sensors which easily differentiate between hand tremor and other motions. The tremor cancelling process is based on Proprietary algorithms, which runs on an on-board computer present in handles, which fires off miniature motors and moves the utensil in the complete opposite direction of the tremor.

Lift lab is currently working on number of technologies and products including personal hygiene tools, makeup applicator and attachments which can help the users to involve themselves in their hobbies like handcrafts and painting.

Liftware comes along with a battery that is easily rechargeable by connecting the charging cradle in to a powered USB port with help of the cable provided. The cable can even be plugged to computer or USB adapter of Smart Phone. Liftware can last up to 3-6 meals after one charge and comes with a 110/220 V power adapter.

A one year warranty has been provided within USA from the sale date. The drawback is in the handle which his not waterproof. The stabilizer that comes along with the spoon attachment is currently priced at US$295.

Lift labs and Google:

The company is going to join the research division of Google. Google X is already known to have made major technological innovation through their Moonshots projects. According to Google, they know that the tremor cancelling technology will contribute towards improving the life of the people. Google is going to put all the efforts to further explore the technology to improvise on understanding and management of neurodegenerative diseases.

According to Sergey Brin, Google co-founder, in the year 2008, he discovered that he is also carrying mutation of the LRRK2 gene (G2019S) which also increases his risk of developing the Parkinson’s disease, just like his mother. He stated that he wants to contribute towards this research and want people to feel empowered.

Google in 2013 already started a separate new company called Calico. This company develops technologies to deal with the health issues from aging.

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