Tuesday 9 September 2014

Two hours boost in PC battery life with Intel's Core M chips

 Intel Core M chip
Undeniably, the main attraction of the IFA show is expected to be wearable’s in different forms ranging from head-covering, flashy and round ones. After this one will be able to see a whole new range of 2-in-1 computers, super thin tablets, most of them possibly made by Intel's new low-power Core M chips.

This processor was initially teased by Intel in early summer, in the form of 7.2mm thick tablet. This tablet was thinner when compared to iPad Air. With increasing number of systems to be available in the market based on the same processors, it is the right time for Intel to give details about the capability of this new M chips.

Even though this processors and CPUs are part of the Broadwell family (after the current Haswell line), they are still not meant to replace the standard-voltage fourth-generation Core processors from Intel. These processors are inside most of the high end laptops. These are not expected to be available in the market till next year.

Contrary to the above, Core M is expected to be resultant to the ultra-low-powered "Y series”, which are a specific variant of the Haswell processors. These are already being used in many 2-in-1 PCs. Apart from PCs; this is also meant for 2-in-1 super thin notebooks. Core M promises a faster performance and a long battery life. Now this is first capability expected from a new chip.

The new range of PCs are expected to be more thinner, lighter when compared the previous version as Intel has now moved to 14-nanometer process with Broadwell from 22-nanometer process with Haswell. Even though Intel has already informed that most of the PCs are expected to be measuring around 7mm thick, but people should not be expecting all the devices will be like iPad Air. All this can be attributed to the shrinking size of components. The die size is 37% smaller and the motherboard is now at 25% in size.

As far as power consumption is concerned, as per Intel TDP for PCs will be available in market at 4.5W. As a result of this the users will be able to save 1.7 hours of battery as well as improved local 1080p video playback. These systems are expected to run cooler as compared to earlier systems. According to Intel integrated HD 5300 graphics will show 40% improved performance and 50% of increased CPU performance.

Some of the other features include Wireless Display 5.0 and Intel's Smart Sound technology. These chips are expected to support WiGig wireless docking standard in the near future. More than 20 different models of Core M are about to be unveiled, Lenovo's ThinkPad Helix being the first one. According to Intel the price of these are expected to drop as low as $599 but potential buyers shouldn’t be expecting anything as cheap as this soon.

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