Wednesday 24 September 2014

Value of Apple's Healthkit to Be Tested Through Medical Trials

Apple’s HealthKit can be very effective and useful for the people who have been suffering from chronic diabetes and blood pressure. According to the reports, this HealthKit is expected to be in used medial trials by Stanford and Duke Universities. According to Reuters, the doctors at Stanford University are working along with Apple to let the physician check the blood sugar levels of children suffering from chronic diabetes whereas Duke is currently working on developing a pilot program which will help them to track the blood pressure, weight and other measurements for people suffering from cancer and heart disease.

This program is expected to be rolled out in hospitals in couple of weeks.

About the Medical Trial

Apple has already announced that Stanford and Duke Universities will be using one of the apps of their partner, Epic. This app is called as MyChart App. According to the reports Stanford will be focusing on Children suffering from Type 1 Diabetes for the initial medical trail. They are expecting this trial to be extended and hope to include teenagers as well as infants.

As per the Reuters reports, DexCom, is the equipment which will be used for measuring the glucose levels in Children. These measurements will be then transmitted to the iPod touch devices, which will be sent him along with the children in trial. The data can be easily uploaded into MyChart App and the health care providers will be easily able to access this data through the HealthKit. On the other hand Duke University is looking for automatic data upload to avoid any error done through manual process.

Even though Type 1 diabetes projects accounts for only 5% of the diabetic, it makes up to 40% of the American Diabetes Association's research. Previously known as Juvenile diabetes, this has been usually diagnosed in young adults and children.

Ascertain the role of mobile in healthcare

According to Harry Wang, who is a research director at Parks Associates, Apple is now ready to transform the fragmented, complex healthcare industry to technologically advanced one. As per him the healthcare services and applications will be worth US $30 billion in the next 5 years in USA.

ABI Research has already predicted that in the next 5 years, almost 100 million wearable remote monitoring devices for the patients will be shipped out. The vital part of this opportunity is the fact that the data can be collected from different devices and shared between varieties of parties including patients, insurance company and even healthcare providers.

Industry giants like Apple, Samsung and Google are now more focused towards making a change in this industry. The data can be shared over different devices and having different platform like iOS or even Android.

HealthKit web page and privacy: 

According to the reports, nearly 30 million data of the people have been hacked in this year alone. FBI has already informed the healthcare providers that their security and privacy is not equivalent as financial sector and retail sector. Apple has already included the restrictions for developers on their HealthKit Web page.

According to Collin, for Apple privacy and security is supreme in healthcare not only for the people for also according to law.

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