Tuesday 9 September 2014

Firefox OS to Provide Permission Toggle To the Users

Firefox OS
Mozilla’s first-ever mobile operating system could not bring justice for the reputation the company holds, when the numbers of users are concerned. Even after Firefox OS brought the ‘old wine in a new bottle’ concept for developing apps with building apps on HTML5, JavaScript format instead of usual file format, still the company could not ensure a considerablenumber of users across the globe. As expected by the market experts, in a competitive market of smartphones with having supreme OS developer contenders like Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android etc., any new and potential OS developer company must offer something magical to have a sizeable audience. In recent times, many start up OS developers failed to gain attention of the crowd. Initially, Mozilla’s Firefox OS followed them only. But with the promise of a future version of the OS with incredible features, the company is hoping to shake the dice of the market.

Currently available devices with Firefox OS: Chiefly, on the first shot, Firefox OS joined the market via low to middle-range-end smartphones. Firefox OS first launched on the market through the reference phone Flame. Several lower mid-range phones, such as ZTE Open and Alcatel OneTouch Fire, featured this OS. Recently, the Indian veteran manufacturer Intex has come up with super low-end smartphone with Firefox OS.

Advanced feature for the future OS version: According to the company spokesperson, the future version of the OS, Firefox 2.1, will have advanced features, customized for tech-savvy people. According to the media reports, one of those features is permission toggle switch for apps. Like the binary switches on the Android platform, it is meant for those users who are always obsessed about their privacy.

While Google’s most prized OS Android is yet to provide this facility to the users, Firefox announced it to hold the market. According to the Security Engineer of the company, this feature will help a user to allow or deny the app’s request to use a particular feature of the device. For example, as on other OS platforms, Facebook app or Whatsapp app can use your GPS location data. But with this new permission toggle, people will only give permission to the apps of their likings. Users will be able to get the list of the apps allowed for using any service of the device on the settings option. Also it will enable the user to review the permission or also to accept or deny any app usage.

When to expect: 

Notably, the company have announced to launch Firefox OS 1.4, followed by Firefox 2.0. Though Mozilla reported about the future version of the OS, Firefox 2.1 with this advanced feature, but no probable date is confirmed officially yet. According to the company spokesperson, not only the Mozilla, but the partners of the company are also responsible to evaluate, certify and to launch a device or an OS to the market.

To secure the existence in this demanding market, Mozilla finally understood the basic of providing exciting and advanced offer with the smartphones. Now we have to wait to examine the new feature till it hits the market.

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