Sunday 7 September 2014

Microsoft Distributed First Prerelease Versions of Windows 9

Windows 9
Microsoft will announce the new Operating System code named “Threshold” on a special press conference on 30th September according to the sources. But the close partners of the company already received the preliminary version of the OS and it is well protected against leaks and the preliminary version is yet to have more features according to the sources.

Until now Microsoft never communicated the official name for OS Threshold but the terminology Windows 9 seems more logical and it was accidently disclosed by the Microsoft’s counterpart in China. Windows 9 will have the start menu again which was originally indented to return with the update of the previous version; hence the user may expect substantial changes in the OS.

According to the experts; the tool bar or the Charms bar may vanish and the features of the menu will be built directly into the windows application of Modern UI interface. Another novelty expected is the introduction of virtual desktops that allow users to run their applications in different areas while maintaining a unified view. Windows 9; The Microsoft’s next generation of Windows is on a strict separation of modern user interface (UI Modern) and classic desktop interface hence the PC users who feared for windows 9 with tile screen may breathe freely.

The desktop and Note book users who operate mostly with Mouse and Key board will be more benefited and they can operate freely without tiles and where as the Tablet users has to satisfy with the Modern UI interface. According to Neowin, the developers have the updated the feature of Windows 9 and vigorously revised so that the existing Windows can be upgrade to a new version with only one button click is possible.

What features going to happen into the account of the update is unclear. It is conceivable that Microsoft so retrofit the language assistant Cortana. Apparently, Microsoft is currently testing a pre-release version, in which the voice assistant Cortana is integrated, according to Neowin. Cortana is Microsoft's answer to the voice controls which is the competition to Google Now and Siri from Apple.

However, Cortana is probably not an integral part of Windows 9, but an additional application. According to Neowin, the trial version is named "Windows Technical Preview for Enterprise". The final version of the much spoken OS under the code name "Threshold" Windows 9 will follow in early 2015. According to insiders Windows-7 and -8 users will get the free switch over to the new system.

Accordingly, it is expected that Windows 9 under the hood again brings more changes, which unifies the use of the operating system on different device classes. Windows 9 is going to be activated via the Internet and then on the one hand to the Microsoft account of the user and on the other hand bound to the PC.

The coupling with the PC can be overridden, so you can move the system to other computers also. As part of the reports to the Windows 8 successor even see some information appeared to Windows 10. As the successor to Microsoft Windows 9 plane, therefore the first operating system that runs entirely in the cloud. Instead, the operating system to be installed on the local hard disk, the user then grab on "to be" system from any computer with an Internet connection to. As the earliest release date applies 2017.

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