Saturday 20 September 2014

My Passport Wireless

My Passport Wireless
Western Digital (WD)Company, a world leader in connected storage solutions, unveiled a new product called My Passport Wireless on September 3rd of this month. It is a drive that can serve as an all-in-one device performing multiple functions, which normally requires separate devices to work. It is an easy to use Wi-Fi enabled storage drive that enable users to save, access and transfer stored content wirelessly through any smartphone, tablet, computer or other devices.

This portable drive expands its usefulness through a wide range of customers from a frequent business traveller to a family on a trip or a creative professional working in his/her field, serving as a back-up for important documents, etc. and helps you free up the memory space of your mobile or tablets of limited memory capacity.

Product Features:
  • Get more attached without attachments: It is free of wires and the internet, yet having the ability to connect with up to 8 devices at the same time.
  • Built-in SD card slot: It can instantly transfer photos and videos from your SD card and provides a back-up for the same as well.
  • Rechargeable Battery: The long lasting, Built-in, rechargeable battery gives that extra mobility to the product that will keep you going for longer duration. It can get up to 6 hours of continuous streaming of video and about 20 hours of stand-by time.
  • Wireless connection with your devices: It is able to interact with your media files through your tablets and smartphones with WD’s My CloudTM mobile app. It can store and access files securely from anywhere on any iOS or Android devices.
  • Stream media to connect devices: It can stream up to 4HD videos at once to multiple devices and also has the ability to stream your media to connected TVs, media players, gaming consoles and other DLNA/UpnP devices.
  • Sharing internet network: My Wireless Passport device can be used as a Wi-Fi hub to share internet connection with multiple devices.
  • Privacy: It keeps you secure from unauthorised access with Wi-Fi password protection for each and every saved files. In addition, it can protect your drive from USB access using Drive Lock provided in the device dashboard.
  • Control: You can feel yourself in control of the device by using the intuitive Dashboard that will help you configure, manage and diagnose your drive.
  • High speed USB connection: The drive provides you with an Ultra-fast USB 3.0 port that will enable you to transfer large amounts of data to the drive in a matter of seconds.
Price and Availability 

This latest product of WD is currently available for advance order online at the and will be available at selected US retailers later this September. MSRP is $129.99 USD for 500GB, $179.00 USD for 1TB and $219.99 USD for 2TB. The WD My Cloud app is available online for free in the App Store and Google Play.

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