Monday 8 September 2014

Scienscope - Looking Towards the Future

Macrozoom video
In a technological world that is quickly becoming defined by microchips and X-ray vision, one company was looking forward when these things were still considered as science fiction. Scienscope, founded in 1995, is a company which provides the growing need for reliable, yet affordable optical and video inspection services in the electronics and PCB, or printed circuit board, industries.

Beginning with basic stereo zoom technologies used for the reworking of circuit boards and other electrical and electromechanical assemblies, Scienscope has evolved to meet the needs of a technological society, committed to meeting those needs with the highest quality, value and constant support.

Scienscope has become a top-quality complete inspection solution provider. Solutions include microscopes, measurement systems, and industrial x-ray inspection equipment designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications and manufacturer quality standards. Offering a full line of ergonomic video inspection equipment and microscope systems, as well as meticulous precision metrology options, Scienscope will meet any measurement or inspection challenge in any industry with confidence.

As technology has grown at a tremendous speed, customer requirements and demands have grown as well, leading to the evolution of the basic microscope to high-tech micro-video optic systems with camera systems for more exact viewing of applications. As technology continued to progress, the need for the ability to capture the results of the cameras with the same precision, free of defects, processing issues or any other copying delays developed as well, creating a market for advanced image collection devices, such as flash drives or high-definition interface applications.

As Scienscope's precision and quality continued to grow and industry continued to notice, customers wanted more - customers began to need the ability to measure very minute features, with the same precision and detail, and be able to capture those details and keep them with the same high quality cameras and recording devices. To continue with the mission of offering top quality and value, Scienscope's machines were designed with granite base and z-column, steel measuring stages with cross-roller bearings, and precision optics and digital cameras.

The current product line offers the same quality and precision that made Scienscope the top in its field, yet the equipment has evolved to meet the needs of the customers and is continuing to exceed expectations while remaining completely user-friendly. Now, Scienscope's X-scope line features five different machine platforms to meet the needs of circuit board, medical device, solar panel, metal casting, LED, automotive and pharmaceutical manufacturers. The equipment includes a range of 90kv to 160kv micro-focus x-ray tubes digital flat panel image detectors and intuitive inspection and measurement software.

For most who work in any industry, even the most technologically savvy, much of what is necessary for effective and precise measurement is not only difficult to understand but difficult to use. For a start to finish experience purchasing video measuring systems for your business that you can be absolutely confident with, feel confident relying on the experts at Scienscope. They can help you see what you have and look towards the future.

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