Tuesday 2 September 2014

Google to add manual controls and steering wheel in driverless car

Google Car
So looks like even the software giant have to bend to certain rules. They are being forced to add manual controls which includes steering and pedals, the before starting the test run on the road. This rule has been slapped to avoid any road mishap in case their software failure in the vehicle. However good this car may be but it lacks manual human controls. California's Department of Motor Vehicles doesn’t look to be too impressed with the idea of a car which has only start and stop button operable by humans. The road testing has been banned for this car of Google unless these rules get implemented.

What was the concept behind this car? 

The main idea behind developing this car was to put an person at ease as they don’t have to do anything apart from pressing the start button. But the California DMV states that the driver also should be able to drive the car.

The lead software engineer, Dmitri Dolgov stated that the technology was not 100% and it was deviating by crossing the permitted speed limit. He also stated that the car was able to go nearly 10mph more than the permissible limit for road safety. The rationale given to support this deviation was that it will ensure that car is able to keep up with the traffic and avoid in road obstruction.

Even after the justification, DMV rule has been made mandatory and Google will be to perform the necessary modifications before the car hits highways and public roads. This rule for Google will come into picture from September 16th, 2014. Any car after this date not having the modification will be deemed illegal. Google initially came up with a design which could be added to an existing car to achieve autonomous driving, however during the early part of 2014, they came up with this innovative idea and technology of driverless car.

What to expect now? 

Google is currently working on 100 prototypes of this autonomous car and developing a speed limit of 25mph. Temporary controls also expected to be added to these prototypes. This car is supposed to be tested in private roads with member of common public and later on it will tested on public roads (probably in next 2 years).

Even though Google has been literally forced to add manual steering wheel and pedal, but the giant doesn’t seem to be intimidated by the passed rule. One of the representatives of the company stated that even though manual controls will be added to the car, the users will be able to enjoy the self driving feature and even control it.

Google is still hoping that in the next two years, before the launch of the car, the authorities might show leniency in the rule. Once of concerns area could be the speed driving tickets and who is liable to pay the ticket and insurance issues that will need clearance. We have to wait and see the car in mainstream.

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