Friday, 27 June 2014

Apple Working On Its Own Smart Home Hardware HomeKit

Latest rumor internet is that Apple is working on its own hardware for the smart home and for that purpose a new team was founded. With this expedition into the smart home market, the product range in the Apple stores could significantly increase in the future. The fact that Apple is working for a novel approach for a new networked home is already known. And it is planning to launch its own HomeKit platform in this year worldwide developer’s conference. For this purpose Apple is planning to produce its own hardware for the Smart home project. For this purpose Apple has selected a internal team to working on the appropriate gadgets for the HomeKit project solely. Once the project is launched the existing Apple gadgets like iPhone iPad etc will complemented perfectly. Apple is still in the development phase of this project but the exploration phase with respect to the products to be added to the project is already completed but what is the Smart home hardware to be added is not disclosed anywhere. Apple will not be a direct competitor of Nest which was recently bought by Google. Since Apple diversified its home appliances selection like home control, home entertainment, Nest will not be affected. Nest only focus on intelligent smoke detectors and thermostats. For entertainment gadgets the recent acquisition of Beats Electronics will help Apple tremendously. In case of HomeKit apple takes the first step in the new business with the software that already available. It is similar to that of iPod release in the year 2001 several months before the iTunes software foundation for MP3 Player.

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