Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Top 5 Free Best Android Video Player Applications

MX Player App
Nowadays, the smartphones are used to make calls, send media messages and also they are used as a media player for the most of the teenagers in this globe.

You can use your mobile for watching high graphics videos, and the main thing is that, you can use various applications for watching the videos in the smartphones. One of my readers has asked me a question that which application is suitable for watching the high graphics videos in the mobile phone.

Basically there are loads of applications are available in the market for watching the high graphics videos. In this post, I have shared some of the apps that are also used as the audio player in the android devices. The top 5 android video player apps are given below and you can use these applications for both mobile phones and tabs.

MX Player App

MX player Application is a free video app. It is the best one among the others avails in the market. This player is the first one that supports the multi core decoding of the android. Most of the people use this app only.


• It has the simple user interface and it is easy to use.
• It Supports Multi-Core Decoding
• It Supports Hardware Acceleration.
• There is a screen locking option in order to avoid kid using other settings of your phone. It supports all video formats.
• It has the very feature called, Auto Resume Option.

VPlayer App

The people who all are watching YouTube videos more, VPlayer are the best player. It has the wonderful graphical user interface which is simple too. It is available only for trail about 7 days. After that you have to buy the unlocked version.


• It uses Less Battery to play videos.
• From the VPlayer, it can able to play videos of the YouTube.
• Facebook videos can be played using VPlayer.
• It supports Hardware Acceleration.
• It will play HD Videos


It is the video player which plays almost 90% of the video formats.


• It supports HD videos.
• It supports multi-subtitles and multi-audio streams.
• In this player videos can be streamed the protocols of HTTP, RTSP.
• Simple and Great User Interface.

Easy Video Player

The people who want privacy in their videos can use this Easy video player. This is the one and only player has privacy control settings. So it is differs from other players.


• It has privacy control on your videos.
• It supports all video formats.
• It enables the Wi-Fi transfer.
• It offers advanced video sorting.


In order to use the simple player with good features, use BSPlayer.


• Kid Lock( screen lock) is there
• All video formats can be played.
• It is available in both free and paid options.
• Files directly from uncompressed RAR files can be played.

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