Monday, 16 June 2014

Microsoft Runs out of IPv4 Addresses


Due to the shortage of IPv4 addresses in the United States, Microsoft had to assign customers to Azure VM to U.S. IP from other regions, which may create problems for location services running on these virtual servers.

 The shortage of IPv4 addresses is not new and it is long standing issue. Nevertheless, the effects of the depletion of the stock of addresses have been delayed. They are nevertheless increasingly visible as have seen users of cloud service Microsoft Azure.

Some customers have deployed Azure platform virtual machines in the United States have noted, by opening a Web page in a browser, they were redirected, for example, to the Brazilian version of Yahoo. The reason is simple, says Microsoft on their blog, that all blocks of IPv4 addresses in the United States have been assigned.

Azure, the publisher had to obtain IPv4 addresses of other regions, including Southern America. As a result, Web services hosted on Azure can be detected as not being located in the United States, even if virtual machines are, they are hosted in a datacenter located in U.S..

 For Microsoft and other cloud players, this will be repeated more often. LACNIC, the body responsible for the management of IP addresses for the Latin America and Caribbean region, said this week no longer have IPv4 address blocks available.

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