Monday, 16 June 2014

The Dentists Will Soon Cure Teeth With A Self-Regenerating Laser

Researchers have made a stunning discovery. Pointing a laser on a damaged tooth, they were able to initiate a self-healing phenomenon that restores all its health. This is an innovation that could revolutionize the dentistry.

This will reduce the costs and inconvenience of conventional treatment. The healing technique by laser has been tested on rats so far, but it is totally usable in humans. This could include replacing root canals, currently expensive and painful.

Experts, some of whom were part of the team of Dental Research of the U.S. government found that intense light beam from a laser causes a chemical reaction that woke stem cells of the tooth. Healing takes about 12 weeks. Praveen Arany, a researcher at the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research of Maryland, hopes to begin testing on individuals very soon.

If they are successful, it could mean the end of dentures, which are not as good for health as natural teeth. However, prostheses remain necessary in some cases. Dr Dusko Ilic, Senior Lecturer in Stem Cell Science, King's College London, said the technique was cheap and the tests were planned on humans in the near future.

Professor Chris Mason, an expert in regenerative medicine at University College London said that the approach is very direct and although it seems high-tech laser treatment is not expensive, on the contrary. It predicts that this phenomenon will be very popular with patients and providers due to low cost and rapid response.

We were very impressed by this scientific breakthrough. We look forward to new solutions are emerging to treat our teeth cheaply. Hopefully, however there is no side effect in the use of such an apparatus.

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