Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Tips for Charging Android Battery Quickly

Charging Android Battery
Consumers are looking forward to good battery life by purchasing new smartphones but battery technology continues to progress more slowly than mobile technology, Companies that are manufacturing new and more efficient batteries are finding it difficult to keep up with the higher resolution displays and other smartphone makers with power hungry technology expanding into iPhone, Android phones and other handsets.

This has forced vendors in creating extreme power saving modes which cuts off major part of the device’s functions to extend battery life when the charge tends to get very low. Though it may take some time to see much progress with regards to smartphone battery life, in the meanwhile, there are some useful ways wherein one can improve the performance of the existing batteries.

For instance when one has returned home after a tiring day at work and is about to go out again and the phone is in need of charging but no time to do the same. These useful tips will enable the user in charging the Android battery to hundred percent.

Enable Airplane Mode

Turning the phone off or enabling it in airplane mode is an effective and easy way in reducing charging time. The phone tends to burn a lot of battery when connected to Wi-Fi or mobile network and disabling the connection can reduce tremendously the battery life.

Slow Charging on Electrical Outlets

Phones tend to charge slowly on electrical outlets or ports, the main cause being the USB. The USB 2.0 ports output 0.5 amps of energy while USB 3.0 ports output 0.9 amp of power and when charged through a traditional electrical outlet one can receive from 1 to 2 amps of energy.

More amps sent to the phone’s battery can speed up the charging and 1 to 2 amps of power may not seem much though 2 amps of power is four times more from what is received from USB 2.0 which is almost 4 times faster charging time.

Avoid Third Party Chargers

Refraining from using third party chargers or even unsupported charges is another useful way since most of these third party chargers are not efficient and may be inadequately designed or made of low quality which may pose as a risk to the user. For precaution sake, charger received with the Android should be utilised.

Tablet Chargers much faster than Smartphone Chargers

Most of the users are unaware that the smartphone charges much faster when it is connected to a tablet charger rather than a smartphone charger. This is because the different chargers draw different amperages and a tablet requires more energy hence it draws more amperage.

Users could try charging their Android with a tablet charger and note the difference in charging time. USB ports are not necessarily locked at specific amperage and just as a Mac increases its amperage to iDevices so also PC increases its amperage to Android devices.

Online downloading of USB boosting software can be done to boost output to a specific USB port wherein the software tells the computer’s motherboard to boost the power to certain USB port. With the useful tips mentioned above, the user can charge the phone to hundred percent in the shortest span of time.

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