Saturday, 28 June 2014

LG G3, The Hottest Smartphone!

The LG G3 is going to be one of the hottest new arrivals of this year. From the beginning of July this year comes LG's flagship model LG G3 to the market. LG G3 comes with super sharp display with metal like plastic housing with the screen size of 5.5 inches (the predecessor G is of 5.2 inches); with this screen size it is actually a Phablet.

With this model LG G3 the Koreans have given a Phablet with extremely sharp display, easy navigation and with beautiful design. The screen frame of LG G3 is narrow and the cabinet edges are beautifully carved round and it aptly fit will in the hand. The LG G3 display is of monstrous 1440x2560 pixels with the vast pixel density of 538 ppi. Currently no other Smartphone is available with this much sharpness. The contrast ratio is 139:1.

The LG G3 is brighter with 503 candelas per square meter and hence it could display more natural colors beautifully. The LG G3 visually makes a very impressive shape. The build in quality is great, the Quad-HD display extremely sharp.

Because of the more pixels the graphics processor may consume more energy but LG promised that the power consumption will be in check hence the LG G3 battery power may last longer for at least 10 hours. With Snapdragon chip 801 (Quad Core 2.46 GHz), Android 4.4.2 and Adreno 330 graphics the G3 works very quickly.

 The operation with the controls are quite simple and easy to operate, most of the people will like the menu more particularly. The tool bar of the LG G3 can be hidden automatically using the setting so that we can get the entire screen space for operation. The user can arouse the phone by simply top knocking; this is similar to that of the G2 version.

The user could predefine the knocking patterns for various operations like locking, unlocking etc. The user can adjust the size of the key board and the space bar to suit their fingers. For certain apps such as Youtube, the browser can be used with a split-screen mode and you can the smart phone similar to a pc for some applications and the small window can be minimized.

In The LG G3, the digital assistant "Smart Buyer" is the brilliant innovation. It observes the cell phone usage in the background and logs every now and then and advises in case of imminent downpour or to reminiscent of missed calls. The LG G3 is not using a normal MHL adapter for HDMI connection; instead it uses the rarer SlimPort.

It is equipped with WLAN ac, Cat4 LTE, HSPA +, NFC and an infrared transmitter. The LG G3’s main camera offers a 13 megapixel and can take a photo with dual flash light and with optical image stabilizer. The laser autofocus does good job.

Snapshots are noticeably faster than any other Android Phones. The optical image stabilizer prevents blurring photos despite long exposures. The photos impress with high sharpness and vibrant colors. No wonder the LG G3 successer of LG G2 is really great Smartphone. LG offers G3 in two different memory variants. There is a version with 16 GB of internal memory with 2 GB of RAM, which currently goes for around 540 Euros over the counter and the version with 32 GB of memory and 3 GB of RAM on offer, which will cost 599 Euros according to the manufacturer.

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