Monday 30 June 2014

Some Interesting Versions of the Popular Angry Birds Game

Angry Birds Game
Angry Birds which is the popular free game on smartphone was originally developed in Finland for iOS on Apple’s smartphones.

Within a year of its launch, the fame of the game crossed over twelve million across the world which led to it being designed for smartphone operating on other platform like Windows Phone, Symbian and Android operating system.

Angry Birds has been praised for its combination of comical style, addictive gameplay and low price. The popularity of this game is due to the fact that those who do not even own smartphones can also play this game on personal computers as well as video game consoles.

With downloads of 2 billion, across all platforms including regular as well as special edition, the franchise has become the highest downloaded game of all time.Its popularity resulted in the release of a series of Angry Birds game though at first it was released as a single game.

Some accepted games in the series are the well-known classic Angry Bird which is the first of the series. Here the player is supposed to make use of a slingshot to protect the birds in the field from the swine in the same field and as the game progresses; the player encounters various types of birds with different capabilities.

Angry Bird with Holiday Themes

Angry Bird Season comes with holiday themes such as Christmas, Valentines, Halloween and much more. For those fascinated with the universe, will be thrilled to try out the Angry Bird Space game wherein the game needs to be played in different planets.

 Each of these planets has their own gravitation field which affects the birds’ trail. Kart racing fans can enjoy trying their skills with the Angry Birds Go! Game, Birds and pigs that have unique power race downhill. To win strategies for the game, one need to analyse all the possibilities carefully and very often the ideal route is the shortest route in Angry Birds.

When one takes a turn, ensure to stay close to the curve and always drive around the inner area of the track. This would prove to be helpful while racing against time or trying to move ahead of the opponent.

Exceptions may include when the player may have to pick up a gem beyond the track or if racing far ahead of the opponent. The gem should not be used if the player has no possibilities of winning a specific challenge or probably try a few more time or could decide to pause the game and try some time later.

Angry Bird in Various Colour/Capabilities 

Angry Birds come in various colours with each of them having their own capabilities and the player should comprehend what each bird is capable of before the slingshot is used at random.

Moreover the player should also keep track of the golden egg which not only gives additional rounds to play but bonus points as well.

Online tutorials are made available with illustrations to the player to enable them to know the concept of the game and enjoy a fantastic gaming experience with Angry Birds.

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