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Thursday 13 December 2018

15 Things you should know about PUBG the most Popular Game of 2018

PUBG Games
PUBG is one of those games that everyone’s heard of and has rightly become the most popular game of 2018. Anyone and everyone have heard of the most popular game. So unless you’re living under a rock or not from this planet, PUBG would not only be something you’ve only heard of but also have played.

Since most of us already know what the game is about, here’s a little jist of the most popular game of 2018 for those uninitiated into the world of PUBG- PUBG or Player’s Unknown Battleground, if you prefer the longer version, is an online game that starts when participants parachute of a plane. Once landed, the players have to look for ammo, weapons, gears and even clothes all needed to fight and survive in the game. Getting more to the point, the game is survival of the fittest or in this case the last one standing. So you loot, fight and all that goes with it and win only if you’re the last one standing.

While all this may sound like it’s simple it is far from that. You’d need some skills in order to get anywhere near being the winner and a part from those skills here’s 15 things to know before landing on the Battleground-

Get your smartphone Battle Ready for PUBG the most Popular Game of 2018: 

PUBG is an online game and you need to stream the game while playing. So to get most out of the game, you need to be present in real time on the battleground and that means that there can be no lag time.

In that case your smartphone needs to be battle ready and that means all background apps must be off so as not to take up any precious RAM that will be consumed with PUBG.

Be Equipped for Battle in PUBG the most popular Game of 2018: 

To be Battle ready you need to be equipped and the first thing you need for battle is your earphones with a mic. You need to be able to hear all that is around you in the virtual game and also to be able to communicate with your teammates in the game.

Second important thing to be ready for PUBG is to have your smartphone with a full battery or enough battery to last one whole round of the game.

Get your Facts Straight in PUBG the most popular game of 2018: 

You are not entering the game as a killing machine. So get the mercenary agenda out of your head and stick to the plan- SURVIVAL. So instead of bagging the award of most number of kills (psst… there’s no such award), concentrate on survival and not much else.

Pick your Style in PUBG Game

You can go solo or play as a team of two or even get your own squad. You can have your pick on PUBG the most popular game of 2018. So pick whatever is convenient to you at the time.

Know where you are on PUBG Game: 

To be battle ready, you need to know where you are and that means knowing your maps. Currently PUBG has three maps Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok.

Snahok is the smallest location there is on PUBG and will be easier when it comes to learning your layout. Besides learning the map, you should also keep in mind places where the loot is or anything that will help you in surviving in the game. The key locations in the game are Pochiniki in Erangel, Ruins in Sanhok and Picado located in Miramar.

Strategize in Solo Mode first with PUBG Game: 

If this is your first time in the game then it might be helpful to go solo first. Once you’ve a good lay of the land and how the game is played then you can go in as a team of two or as a squad. This is also a useful tip as when you’re in a team you are expected to pull your own weight and if it is your first time then you shouldn’t be wasting your time and your team’s time getting your bearings.

Land as soon as you can in PUBG the most popular game of 2018: 

This one is simple yet effective- try to land as quick as you can. This tip will help you collect armor and other weaponry before you opponents and will help in annihilating them first.

Know you circles in PUBG game of 2018: 

There are two zones in PUBG the white one indicates the safe zone and the blue one is the kill zone. Blue circle is out of the play zone and that means that it is a kill zone.

Fight or flight in the most popular game of 2018: 

Picking your stance will be important in the game. Is it going to be Fight or Flight will be your call and will be an important call to make while in the game.

Weaponry of your Choice in PUBG game of 2018: 

The game offers an array of 40 guns. You need to pick the gun according to your strengths. If you prefer close combat then an SMG rifle is the one you should pick or if close combat isn’t really your thing then you could always go in for the sniper.

Get your armor in PUBG game: 

There are three levels of armor in the game. Long story short, aim at getting the level 3 armor as that will improve your chances at winning the game.

Strategize with you teammates on PUBG game: 

Keep a line of communication with your teammates on continuously. Discuss layout and strategy while on duo or squad mode.

Keep Running in PUBG game: 

Running in the game will be very useful and to make further improvements to this is to lessen your load by carrying less weaponry (as this will increase you speed by 6%) and removing your shoes to be silent.

Fire Wisely: 

You can go to settings and enable the peak and fire option. This will allow you to hide most of your body behind a tree or some other object while allowing you to peak and fire.

Keep your guns battle ready: 

Your guns need to be always loaded and in case it is not switch ammo instead of wasting time reloading and getting killed in the bargain.

Thursday 4 October 2018

Google Project Stream will be Huge for PC Gaming

Project stream to REACH New Heights!

Streaming has been the greatest invention since the internet or at least in my view. There is no hassle of downloading just the need for an internet connection. You can then watch your favorite shows, movies or listen to your favorite songs all without any problems. But that is not all streaming can do. Google plans on pushing the limits of streaming even further with its project stream operations. To make streaming even more capable than what it can currently do, Google’s project stream will be much more demanding than just streaming your average day video.

Project stream is Google’s way of pushing the limits when it comes to streaming in a good way. It is a test of sorts to see how far streaming can actually go. Our current day streaming has come a long way since only a few years back. But now for the ultimate test in project stream Google plans on streaming a blockbuster game.

Streaming a Blockbuster video game through Project Stream:

To really push the boundaries in project stream, Google has come up with a way to stream a blockbuster game and this is no ordinary game either. The game chosen for project stream is one of the best known and highly played games- Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. The game may not be released just as yet but it is well on its way to becoming one of the most played games in the world.

The game to- be- released by one of the best gaming publication houses out there- Ubisoft, is all set to feature as Google’s test on streaming with project stream.

Who gets to be a part of Project Stream?

The game is all set to reach Google’s project stream platform on October the 5th. For the duration of the project stream test, Google will select a certain number of participants to play the game for the duration of the project stream test. This will take place at no extra cost to the players.

To play the game you have to be a US resident and aged above 17 years, plus (this goes without saying) you also have to have a working internet connection like say 25 megabits per second to play. This is besides there being other criteria which you can check out on Google’s help center.

The Difficulties of Streaming a Game on Project Stream:

Streaming comes with its own set of problems like buffering and the annoying wait for that to happen. But this is when you watch something like a video. But when it comes to gaming it’s a whole different ball game.

You have graphically rich content to stream and not only that, there can be no lagging and buffering, there has to be instant interaction between the player and what happens on screen.

The only latency that is acceptable is a few milliseconds and no more. Plus if you take in graphics, that makes it a really complex process that Google hopes to overcome with project stream.

Monday 27 August 2018

Forza Horizon 4 trailer and all you can Expect

Forza Horizon 4
Forza Horizon 4’s trailer just been released a few days back by Xbox and there’s a lot to expect from the game this time around. Among the many new features to be launched with Forza Horizon 4 are dynamic seasons and gameplay modes.

The trailer shows Ralph Fulton and Benjamin Penrose talking about the game’s features as well on board, also talking on the video are the creative director and art director for Forza Horizon 4. There’s a lot to expect from the game so without further ado let’s get into Forza Horizon 4’s new features.

Racing through dynamic seasons on Forza Horizon 4: 

The game takes places through multiple seasons and these are not just there for ambience or looks. This will affect the way players play the game like the type of car they choose to race in cold seasons.
In winter for example there’ll be ice and snow on the tracks which will affect how players maneuver in their cars taking on the sharp and slippery bends and turns in the road. All these seasons will be seen in a 4K setting.

Living in Forza Horizon 4’s landscape: 

Another change made to the game is an addition in the form of residences for players. In Forza Horizon 4, players will get 12 houses in the span of the game with the first one being at the start of Forza Horizon 4.

Wild Challenges on Forza Horizon 4: 

During the course of Forza Horizon 4, players will be given some wild challenges to make the game more interesting. In the trailer, one such example was where a person was piloting a hovercraft alongside others in a race. At present there is not much by way of these wild challenges but at every corner there is one to keep players on their feet or in this case on their fingers.

Coming to the cars on Forza Horizon 4: 

Throughout Forza Horizon 4, players can earn skill points, which is nothing new but this time around players can use those skill points in enhancing various features in the cars that they use in the game.
So players can earn as well as spend in the game.

A realistic sound to cars on Forza Horizon 4: 

All of the sounds on Forza Horizon 4 are all realistic, with the sounds being taken from actual cars. These sounds include revving, racing through streets and more.

Playground games actually recorded these sounds for Forza Horizon 4 with the partnership of car manufacturers. Every time a new version of the game is released, newer and newer sounds are added to an already growing list.

McLaren too joined up with the gaming company and gave them a 720 and 540 to go out on to an airstrip and record sounds for the game.

Apart from these features, Forza Horizon 4 includes much more that is bound to add new challenges and aspects to the game. Xbox One and PC platforms are all set to launch Forza Horizon 4 on October 2.

Friday 3 November 2017

Nintendo Switch Version 4.0 Update

Nintendo Switch Update:

Users keen on purchasing the Nintendo Switch would find this update useful. Recently the Version 4.0 of the operating system of the console had gone live and along with it included surplus of important new features, fan have been coming since the release of Nintendo.

1. Record Clips of Games

Earlier there was a possibility of capturing in-game screenshots though the latest update would permit users to record video clips from their experience. On holding the button beneath the directional pad of the Switch, the device is capable of capturing the last 30 seconds of the play in an editable video.

2. Transfer Data Between Consoles

If the user has been sharing a Nintendo Switch with someone and tends to have their own console, there is a possibility of transferring and save data to the new device. Nintendo explained that transferring user information and save data, enables one to move the user profile together with its associated save data as well as Nintendo eShop purchased from one Nintendo Switch console to another. Data can be moved one user at a time which means that one can pick and opt which user’s data one would prefer to move and which one needs to be retained on the source console. The overall procedure can be accomplished with 10 easy guidelines which have been provided at the site of Nintendo.

3. Pre-Order/Pre-Load Games

The waiting period for a video game to come out and over it the longer waiting period for it to load on to your system before one could get to play can be very daunting. Taking into consideration the frustration due to it, Nintendo has made it possible to prepay and pre-load games much ahead of its release. Take for instance the game of Super Mario odyssey. The game was scheduled for release on October 27 but if one intends purchasing it from the online eShop of Nintendo before its release it can be downloaded and ready to play the minute it tends to go on sale to the public.

4. Amazing New User Icons

Every user would desire the skill to further modify their profile and the latest update has been providing several more opportunities. Users now have the option of selecting from 12 new Super Mario odyssey as well as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild icons for their user profile. Though it is only a small change, additional options would always be welcome.

5. Provision for Wireless USB Headsets

Some of the Reddit users have observed that the update tends to come with a provision for USB devices though it might not be a feature which has not been listed on the official list of alterations. All that one needs to do is to just plug the dongle of the device in the Switch dock and one would observe a new volume slider which will only function when the console is docked. There is a possibility of utilising the feature when the Switch is handheld by plugging the receiver in a USB-C adaptor.

Wednesday 4 January 2017

Sony Launching a New Slim PS4 Bundle With Two Call of Duty Games

Call of Duty
Virtual Reality or VR as we know it, is the newest form of reality that Hollywood sci-fi films had promised us and it is finally here. Samsung and Google has taken the leap in the world of mobile VR technology. In the high end tech world HTC Hive and Oculus Rift were the sole representors of the future tech, but not anymore. Sony had revealed the prototype for the ‘Project Morpheus’ as long back as 2014, and now the dream is finally here shaped in the form of Playstation VR headset.

It is designed to be paired easily with Sony PS4 console, which had a seen a whooping demand of 40 million sales worldwide. It requires to be connected with a few wires, switch on the power button on the headset and you are good to step into the virtual world.

The headset is considerably heavy, weighing at 645g but it is designed in a clever way so the weight is distributed proportionately along the head mount. This reduces the claustrophobic feeling along with headache and a neck pain that arises by balancing heavy weight and that too wearing it on your face. Also it is equipped with a re adjustable dial that modifies its dimensions according to your head size and will take approximately 10 seconds to fit you snugly. Hive and Oculus are the heavier counterparts and their clumsy bulk dilate gaming involvement.

Hardcore techies are frowning at the 1080p display that Sony is offering. Playstation-VR is designed to patch up with PS4 as PC and therefore it does not adjust to the screen resolution like Oculus and Hive. Sony engineers explain that low-resolution display is not bound to distract the immersive experience due to the extremely high refresh rate of 120fps and gives a much vibrant and proportionate red,green and blue light emission to the pixels thereby reducing screen door effect. The pixels are much softer and give off an overall vibrant glow which is enough to mask the absence of HD for the time being.Also it comes with a big eye box that doesn’t force the necessity to divert from the game screen to find the sweet focus, reducing performance lag.

Able to support all the games that PS4 console does, gamers are awed at the quality of immersion which had not been experienced before. This however is restricted for children under 12 years.

Playstation VR is selling in the market for a mere $399, the full console and VR costs approximately $700 which is anytime a lot cheaper than counterparts which are quite costly at $1200 tag. A high end VR product coupled with cheap price is making headlines as few shops in Japan and China are running out of their supplies by the end of the day.

Sony CEO sounds hopeful about the future of VR as he plans to expand it’s reach to paradigms of medicine and job training. IT and graphics companies are looking forward to the waves of innovation that will come riding on the success of Playstation VR which has been hailed as the greatest innovation since the advent of television by Time.

Wednesday 7 December 2016

Facebook Messenger Launches Instant Games

Facebook Messenger Instant Games

Instant Games Launched by Facebook

Recently Instant Games a series of titles which can be played in the Messenger iOS and Android app, or through the website of the company, had been launched by Facebook. As per TechCrunch, the game is quick to load as they tend to be delivered through HTML5 instead of full downloads. Real time multiplayer presently is not available though players can participate through high score rankings.The preliminary slate of game comprises of titles such as Galago, Pac-Man, Space Invaders together with Words With Friends Frenzy with free of ads as well as in-game purchases at present.

Screenshots of their high scores can be sketched by the players and share games to their Facebook News Feed that would enable t other players to join in promptly. In the case of developers, Instant Games access is in closed beta wherein they need to apply for the same.

As for the public, though the games seem to be accessible in 30 regions, including Canada, Russia, the U.S., Germany, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Mainland China has been excluded where Facebook has been banned. Facebook has been anticipating that some friendly competition would get the user to spend some more time in Messenger and compete asynchronously through high scores rather than directly simultaneously. Hence it is appropriate to try your luck at times.

Available on iOS/Android

Instant Games, in the long run could earn Facebook ad dollars from the developers who tend to promote their games or a cut in payments but there are no in-games purchases permitted yet. Instant Games has been launched in 30 countries with 17 games from classic developers such as Bandai Namco, Konami and Taito together with latest studios comprising of Zynga and King.

It is made available on latest iOS and Android devices and can be located by hitting the game controller icon in Facebook Messenger thread towards the photos and stickers buttons. Moreover, one could also play through platforms from Facebook on desktop due to an overlaid phone screen.

Social gaming had been dominated by Facebook around 2008 when its desktop app platform had been well-known for playing around for utilities. It had earned a peak of quarter-billion dollars for each quarter on its 30% tax on in-games purchases. Their addictive as well as viral nature enabled Facebook to develop its user count as well as commitments.

Attempts to Build HTML5 Game Platform – Project Spartan

Presently 15% of time on Facebook.con tend to be spent on playing games but the payment profitsseems to have reduced to $196 million in the most recent quarter. Since users seemed to shift to mobile, Facebook noticed that it had been shut out of gaming and only iOS and Android could run native app stores.

 It was they who had benefitted from taxes on in-game payments. In 2011, Facebook had been frantically making attempts in building an HTML5 game platform known as Project Spartan but had failed since the mobile web standard had not been adequately strong to build games which could rival with flashy download with native apps. Over a period of time the developers have identified how to have improved graphics together with responsive gameplay out of HTML5.

Tuesday 2 August 2016

How to Protect Your Identity Playing Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go

Privacy Specific Tips

If one tends to be a secret agent, you would possibly be staying far from Pokemon Go due to its location tracking gameplay. Kristan J. Wheaton, Mercyhurst University intelligence studies professor had recently posted a privacy tip list on his blog which he reports was shared with him by an intelligence source. Irrespective of its origin, the list comprises of some practical advice for the player who tend to be apprehensive regarding their privacy and some basic safety tips like being aware of the surroundings, only availing the game from the official app stores and not playing while driving. The following are the privacy specific tips which an average player may not consider:

  • Keeping in mind that the game needs GPS and a data connection to work, you should refrain from playing in any area where you would not want your location to be known. One should also remember that your location history could make it easy to identify you; hence if you tend to play the game during your usual routine, chances are that someone could be spying on you and figure out who you could be. 
  • Avoid using personal Gmail account to play the game. You could either create a throwaway email account or sign up through the Pokemon Trainer Club. By utilising your normal Gmail account, it not only links your personal information with your Pokemon Go activity but it could also expose your Google credentials to the app owner. 
  • Select a screen name which is unique and not linked to your other online accounts. Presently one cannot view other players or information regarding other players through the interface, apart from the name of the trainer and Pokemon name at gyms or the trainer name that tends to place attractions at Poke Shop. But this feature could be added in the near future, according to the tip sheet. 
  • Refrain from essentially using the improved reality functions which tend to make it seem like the digital critter standing right before you which would seem like it reduces some of the fun of the game, but the things the camera tends to see could end up revealing identifying details. Moreover also be cautious in taking images of Pokemon in the game, where the location from where you may have taken the photo could be implanted in the metadata of the image.
Huge Security Risk

Pokemon Go has drawn multitudes of players within day of its release and the mobile game has also involved apprehensions regarding how susceptible the personal data could be in the hands of apparently nonthreatening applications. Security bloggers had noticed in the last few days, that the game which seemed to be a free download and made by Niantic Inc. in partnership with the Pokemon Company together with Nintendo had requested permission to use the smartphone camera as well as location data of the player and also to gain full access to the Google’s account of the user, inclusive of email, calendars, photos, stored documents as well as any other data linked with the login. Censors had instantly called the game a `huge security risk’ which was invading the privacy of the individual where a Democrat, Senator Al Franken had recently expressed his concerns over the issue.

Thursday 3 March 2016

First Look at Virtual Reality Minecraft at Xbox Showcase


Minecraft – Loved by Millions Game Lovers Worldwide

Minecraft is much loved by millions game lovers across the world and now Microsoft has revealed what the immersive world tend to look like in virtual reality. Microsoft purchased the block building phenomenon in 2014 for $2.5bn which is a massive deal that has made the fans apprehensive about its future.

The US firm has assured not to ruin its widespread formula and has instead stated that it would invest in bringing Minecraft to the next level. At the event in trendy Mission District in San Francisco, the Xbox division showed for the first time, the virtual reality version of Minecraft. Palmer Luckey, creator of the Oculus Rift VR headset commented that it makes one feel like they are in the world of Minecraft.

Similar to several VR experiences, it seems to be completely absorbing and for those passionate with addictive building process of Minecraft, it seems to be a big leap from watching it on a normal screen. As for a game focused mainly for children, there is one figure which could bother the parents which is $1,500. It is the recommend price which needs to be spent if intending to purchase an Oculus Rift headset and a PC adequate enough to power it.

PC Gaming – Fastest Growing Segment of Gaming

Minecraft on Oculus seems to be one of the many games on display at the Spring Showcase of Xbox an opportunity for journalists together with a few influential YouTube gamers to get their hands on with the forthcoming blockbusters. Several of the titles on show had been pushed as great to play on PC through Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system.

Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer had commented that if one tends to look at the numbers, PC gaming seems to be the fastest growing segment of gaming and it is natural that one focus on gaming on Windows. Microsoft had chosen not to make its own headset with regard to virtual reality; though it is developing the augmented reality focused Hololens and is rather working in making it compatible with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

With regards to price debate, Mr Spencer stated that he was of the belief that virtual reality would follow the path of high definition TVs, which is a luxury product to begin with though hard to resist once experienced.

Company Not a Victim of Hack

He added that the early adopter will be there to help spur the VR industry. New games seem to mean nothing unless gamers tend to get online to play them and recently it has been more of a challenge. The service Xbox gamers would play against each other over the internet which has stressed out thousands.

Displeased fans comprise of rapper Snoop Dogg had requested Bill Gates to fix the issue or he’d blemish to PlayStation and Mr Spencer had apologised for the issues. He stated that it’s obviously always regretful and the last outage was a concern and they learned from it.

They understood precisely what the issue was and it took a little more time that they would have liked.He disagreed that the company had been the victim of a hack stating that when its network was under continuous attack it was not as it was claimed, demolished by coordinated attempt to cut the gamers off. Besides this on the risk of losing Snoop Dogg, he commented that Snoop had been a long time gamer and long-time supporter of Xbox.

Wednesday 3 June 2015

Sony to Roll out 'Ultra Street Fighter IV' PS4 Patch

Sony has announced to release patch for its recently launched Ultra Street Fighter IV by next week for the PlayStation 4 (PS4) users. The gamers have already complained about the lag in the game in form of unwanted glitches, lag in inputs and some silly but important shortcomings like the button which starts the screen is non-existent along with other issues. In short this game doesn’t provide optimum level of gameplay experience which Sony games are known to deliver.

The Much Awaited Patch For PS4 Users

A tweet has revealed about the much awaited patch by none other than the Sony Director of Third Party Production, Gio Corsi. Tweet had shared the information that patch had been successfully completed by the game developers and it will be tested to analyse its performance. Once this patch successfully passes in the test it will be rolled out for the all the legitimate game users.

The Problems Faced By The Game Players

Ultra Street Fighter IV was launched in March by Sony with a huge fanfare and great expectations of providing a demanding and adventurous game for the gamers. But it turned out to be plagued by a huge number of bugs along with menu slow down. Play Station platforms are designed in such a way that it offers an exclusive and dominant version which can be easily used for the tournaments and other purposes. Furthermore Play Station 4 offers better graphics and gameplay functionalities over the predecessor PS3.

Ultra Street Fighter IV Fails To Feature In Game Tournaments

Due to the number of reports relating to the glitches and problems along with input lags in Ultra Street Fighter IV, Capcom decided not to include this exciting fighting game for tournament play. Capcom certainly won’t be allowing this game in the tournament for aggressive gameplay until the issue is rectified or resolved from the Sony. Even other tournament organisers are dwelling on their decision whether to use this game on the PS4 platform or not. Sony has maintained that this game is very much playable on the Xbox 360 platform without suffering any glitches or problems. Sony and Capcom are required to address this problem and rectify it as soon as possible; otherwise it will certainly destroy its reputation on the PS4 platform.

Patch Expected To Resolve All Issues

Ultra Street Fighter IV had suffered problems both on the online and offline gameplay which seriously diminished the quality of game in all essential sections of graphics, audio and video retention. Menus happened to load terribly slowly along with jagged textures and numerous technical glitches which were subsequently reported by the game players. Sony has confirmed that it will be releasing patched to fix the bugs present in the game through a synchronized roll out plan. The Ultra Street Fighter IV fans are delighted by this development and they are hoping that Capcom will reconsider its decision of excluding the game from EWO 2015.

Thursday 9 April 2015

Hacking Game 'Touchtone' Turned Me into an NSA Spy

Thinking about becoming a NSA spy itself sends out a chill down by spine but after playing TouchTone, I have been eagerly awaiting a chance to get my hands on being a responsible spy. This iOS puzzle game got me hooked up like never before.

I was experiencing thrills of searching of enemies across the state by just scouring across emails and text messages. This is completely different and I experience it in my daily life. As per the statement of co-creator Mike Boxleiter, people might start feeling this entire game very creepy as well as voyeuristic. All they need is to stop for a while and rethink about the game again.

What the game is all about? 

The game starts with a simple training exercise wherein the player has to identify if the chain of email between the potential customer and a bookstore employee should be monitored. At the bottom the game will highlight a transcript indicating if the email has any content indicating potential threats. The player has to identify any kind of threat to national security.

A simple example is the interaction dealing about The Anarchist Cookbook, clearly indicates that there is not much to worry about however any interaction dealing with crafting homemade bombs certainly requires the attention of the player.

Soon after completing the level, I got scolded by my one of the handler who is none other than a Patriot, and he point-out that some students have been emailing about going out to smoke weeds. I had indicated that this mail is not at all threatening.

He stated that from his perspective, and all this was about drug trafficking which required monitoring. According to Boxleiter, most of the people on the Wall Street are more or less criminals. He was not satisfied with my effort and work as I was thinking about all these as a rational human, which is not all like a spy. He stated that our system is so messed up as they are not concerned about people who carry our fraud of millions but focused on people with beards.

This game is about exposing the loopholes in the system which is in use. In simple words we can say that in the world of TouchTone, racial profiling does not exist, which ensures that the spies are searching out for the maximum information possible for anyone known suspects.

The more he added that NSA is about creating connection between different people. In simple words we can say that this game is all about tailing the suspects till he can be put behind the jail. After this the game starts over with another connected suspect.

At the end, TouchTone is a hacking mini-game similar to that off BioShock and Deus Ex. The game is simple consists of 6 x 7 grid with different which are of different colours laser beams meant for directing it to the same-colored targets by means of reflector panels.

Even though the game might look deceptive but can turn out to be slightly exhausting. People might not find this game funny but reflects the normal life of the people. The game requires people to look the concept from a humorous point of view. It is meant for inspiring conversations.

Monday 9 February 2015

Exploding Kittens Game Blows Up Kickstarter

There are times when simple idea gets huge backing and astonishing support and money. Exploding Kittens has made a sensation by blowing away its humble $10,000 funding goal with attracting a whooping funding of $4 million in pledges on the popular crowd-funding forum Kickstarter. Exploding Kittens is simply a card game which offers a unique perspective and engaging game-play to the players which had inspired a huge amount of crowd sourcing fervour.

Exploding Kitten Fares Extremely Well On Kickstarter

The funding campaign for the Exploding starter saw an amazing response from the backers and it got fully funded within first twenty minutes. Another forty minutes later it reached 1000 percent of its funding goal.
This card game has been created by an online famous celebrity who is popularly known for his The Oatmeal and himself being called Matthew Inman. He had brought up his own distinct enthusiastic art style in the card design. The co-designer Elan Lee has been left stunned more than surprised with an overwhelming response they had received for their Exploding Kittens project on Kicstarter. Regarding this usual interest and funding pattern shown by this card game Kicstarter’s Luke Crane has said that the backers had been enthralled by project’s sense of humour, art style and presentation.

Exploding Kittens Is An Innovative Card Game

This game works in the manner of the Russian Roulette wherein players draws cards and tries to avoid being evicted from the from by unknowingly or accidently triggering an exploding kitten. It has all the interesting features to enhance the game-play by bringing a tragedy, drama, strategy and weaponized back hair. This card game is available in a regular deck and suitable for the players of 7 years of age and above.

Exploding Kitten is all about the strategic betrayal wherein the players would be pitied against each other. Players would be left to decide which one is to betray and how they wish to perform it. This game shouldn’t be taken literary as it has nothing to do with hurting cats or kittens. The object of this game is to defuse the explosions which might occur if the kittens happen to get into trouble.

Exploding Kitten Breaks Reading Rainbow Record On Kickstarter

Exploding Kittens has created a sensation of the crowd-funding website named Kickstarter. Currently its holds the record of eight most funded Kickstarter projectin its history. Exploding Kittens still have a 23 left days which gives it a great chance of becoming the most funded project in is history.

Exploding Kittens is attracting funding at a break-neck pace and it is all set to break the record of Reading Rainbow. Reading Rainbow had set record of most funded project in 2014 with a whooping backers count of 105,857 but Exploding Kittens has already achieved those number of backers and many are still pledging to support its endeavours.

As Exploding Kittens has already achieved the most number of backers, now comes the time to deliver what it projects. Inman is heavily busy creating the art work for the cards and aims to send it to their backers by the end of summer.

Monday 2 February 2015

Teaching Mario to Play with Himself


When it comes we talk about artificial intelligence, so one of the most challenging sides it to teach computer to how to measure, understand, and react according to situation in the world around us. Actions, which are in the nature of human, can be taught to a robot, but teaching the decision making ability is difficult.

A team of researchers at the University of Tubingen, Germany has experimented and created a project which will change the concept of a real-world robot as AI is on the way to take the different challenges by reaching the Mario to play his own game on computer. Team of researchers has created the video, which will explain that how this system will work in step-by-step manner, but at the high levels the actions and response of Mario’s can be quantified as values.

In the whole process AI seems to start with basic information that how to navigate the world and how he is relating the various objects. The team has also created the tracking pattern for Mario’s curiosity about the rest of the world and how he is focusing on the collection of coins.

AI notes all the events when it encounters enemies and when it queried with a question that what are you thinking about Goomba? So Mario responds that, I don’t know anything. And after few experiments of interactions, Mario learns that how to jump or land on the Goomba and how to know that Goomba is dead. When it is translated back into human words, “If I will perfectly jump on Goomba, so he will die”.

Mario also learns that how to navigate any environment or how to activate question blocks which can grab power ups or how to jump to higher objects to reach any particular locations. AI has absolutely different rule if Mario is small or big because his behavior can vary according to his size or if he will get the mushroom or few fire flowers.

It is clear that AI learns about any particular environment and now Mario has an idea about real world and according to any particular situation he is free to behave or express his expression like; when first time he will jump on Goomba, so he will shout that may be Goomba is dead an later he test this hypothesis on the Goomba of future by comparing the expected result with expected outcome.

In the experiment Mario never use scripted responses, he only responds to syntax with his understanding and vast array of words. Now it’s clear that he can told the things like; “If you will perfectly jump on Goomba than Goomba will die, or he can learn by his own. In whole process he was able to complete syntax.

As a human we have applied same principles of communication and learning millions of times in life, but we have learn them when we were child and teaching something to Mario to jump on Goomba to kill it, it’s really fascinating example of AI.

Wednesday 15 October 2014

The Death of Rogue Applications in the Latest iOS 8.1

date trick
Change is the only thing constant. That proverbial phrase is true in all its senses. Recently, there has been a change made by Apple in the latest version of iOS 8. This upgrade has proved to be a hindrance which can’t be overcome by the so-called 'rogue' applications.

What are the “Rogue Apps”? 

The rogue applications are nothing indecent, But applications which has been installed by tweaking with the operating system. The "date trick" allows the installation of unapproved applications, which can be done by manually altering the date to one in past and then download the particular application with the Safari's mobile browser. This procedure permitted various retro gamers to install games without worrying about the copyrights and enjoy playing their favorite games even in their iPhone.

Super Mario

This video game had been developed and published by Nintendo. The man behind this amazing video game is Shigeru Miyamoto. He is the director, designer as well as the producer. This series of Super Mario had been released in the year 1985. It can be played in both single-player mode as well as multiplayer mode, as Mario overcomes all the hindrances in its path. This game has won the hearts of many.


Zelda is another video game with similar Japanese origin. Nintendo is one of its developers, as is Shigeru Miyamoto one of its creators. Launched a year after the Super Mario, This game is no less popular by any means. The main focus of this game is on the character Link and his operation to rescue Princess Zelda and Hyrule from the lead antagonist. The latest game of this series of the Legend of Zelda has been released in 2014. In total there are around 17 officially launched games in this series.


Sonic the Hedgehog had been created and designed by Naoto Ohshima from 1991 to 1997. This video game character has been features as a cartoon and an anime character. This character had been initially created as a mascot for Mario, but gained immense popularity on its own as well. It’s a blue hedgehog with supersonic speed, can evade obstacles and destroy enemies.

The Hindrance

Apple corrected the small malfunction in the latest beta version of iOS 8.1, which allowed the download of such games and applications, which could be downloaded by the alteration of date and time, and eventually result in unapproved emulators. Now these games invoked nostalgia can no longer be downloaded in the iPhones with the latest version of iOS 8.1.So, you can understand the suitable features that Apple develops along with the positive approaches.

Irrespective of the negative features, the fresh version of technology from Apple represents the optimistic features. It gives the users manifold opportunities that inspire them to obtain the particular product. Make sure that you receive the authenticated stuff accumulating the customized attributes.

Finally, you are able to recognize all the outputs that help you to experience the new innovation from Apple.

Tuesday 30 September 2014

Innovations In Video Game Console Design

Game Console Design
The technology sector is dominated by major corporations that have billions of dollars to cover costs such as advertising, research and development. However, there are some success stories in the high-tech world involving small companies and even individual entrepreneurs. The video game industry can be used as an example to demonstrate this point. There are only a few major companies that produce the world's most popular game consoles. However, some ambitious inventors have come up with innovative ways to challenge corporate giants that produce high-quality game hardware.

Introducing new high-tech features into modern video game consoles is an effective way to beat the competition of this industry. Traditionally, companies focus on improving microprocessors, graphics cards and audio components of video game systems. Some creative entrepreneurs have realized that modern gaming devices lack basic features found in other consumer electronics. Connecting video game consoles to other devices has become a revolutionary idea. The introduction of Bluetooth and WiFi technology has now become standard in video game design. Such simple features open up an entire new world of virtual gaming that's connected to a network of global users.

Internal memory storage has also been a major problem in some of the most successful video game consoles worldwide. Some investors have figured that boosting a game system's memory capacity would be popular with users. The introduction of memory card compatibility with portable and stationary video game systems has been successful. Other hardware features such as USB and HDMI ports have also enhanced video game console design. Entrepreneurs who come up with innovative ways to improve gaming systems can sell ideas to major manufacturing companies that already have strong holds in the market. It would be very costly for small companies to try and manufacture their own game systems with unique hardware features. However, some businesses are confident that their modified video game consoles could eventually compete with major manufacturers that are reluctant to change traditional designs.

Introducing GPS technology into a portable video game unit might seem like an extreme idea. However, this concept is actually quite popular in a high-tech age dominated by mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Location based services can truly enhance game play of portable game systems with built in GPS. For example, a user's actual surroundings could be used to influence some of the settings and characters in a video game. GPS technology provides an immersive and fun experience that is unprecedented in traditional video game consoles. An inventor such as Carl Freer and other entrepreneurs are examples of business people who develop innovative video game systems
Companies that develop high-tech handheld game systems often target mobile device users. It is important to highlight the advantages of using an actual gaming gadget for playing video games rather than using smartphones or tablets. For instance, it's much more convenient to press actual buttons and keys than using touchscreens to play video games on the go. Handheld gaming systems also provide a superior playing experience because of CPUs and other hardware components that are optimized for displaying high-quality graphics and generating artificial intelligence during game play. At the same time, it is important to launch handheld video game devices that could be synced with smartphones via data cables and wireless technology.

Nintendo Surprises Yet Again With Hyrule Warriors

Hyrule Warriors
On Sept. 26 a comparatively different game "Nintendo's Hyrule Warriors" will be available in North America which was originally released in Japan.

With help from two external studios like Team Ninja, & Omega Force developers and creators of Dead or Alive series and Ninja Gaiden & Dynasty Warriors respectively, Nintendo brought about a game a lot like The Legend of Zelda, however the game play is a different level all together. Unlike traditional puzzle-solving and exploration elements, Hyrule Warriors pushes its players into hack-and-slash action.

This change in game concept can lead to Nintendo's fortune change as it involves the signature character completing levels through exploration rather than brute force. Their current approach of developing games with a similar pattern did not work well and on business aspect too even Mario was unable to generate revenue. Hero Link is called upon once again to draw his sword to save the realm, however this time to try something different. The game starts Just like Zelda game where the hero is called upon to stop new evil, however Link goes for action and stick as other heroes of the land of Hyrule fight stronger opponents and threats.

Though unsure if the brute force approach will be embraced by gamers, there has been a mixed review since some of the gamers felt it repetitive and underdeveloped story. Wanda Meloni, senior analyst at M2 Research addressed the TechNewsWorld. That Hyrule warrior is a mix of both The Legend of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors games. Inview of trying to create a unique game for the Wii U, Nintendo is losing on their Zelda fans. She also added that Zelda being one of Nintendo's strong brands they have plans for changes in order to keep gamers on the Nintendo platforms.

Even though the storytelling it is not fully revolutionary, other gamers felt different as it is new break from the ordinary. Susan Schreiner, analyst for C4 Trends, commented to TechNewsWorld that the game was impressive and may grab gamers due to Link's direct approach. She said that since its a mix of Nintendo's two strong franchises and the game being more interactive with expanded adventure they are expecting a good response from the gamers. There are a few free downloads at the game launch wherein there will be access to new modes, weapons and alternate in-game costumes for Link and Zelda.

Through Nintendo, company wants to show that they can contribute in different branches through their different characters. The company doesn't want to depend on only one character at a time and neither the company's revenue is linked with just one title. Hyrule Warriors is among one of the numerous releases aimed to draw attention towards Wii U.

According to Schreiner, Nintendo has a lot of stuff lined up for release this quarter of year and also around the holiday season. Through this title the company is aiming to give a good reason for the game players to stick with their long time favorite. The end question remains if the game will able to draw enough players and if it has got the potential if is showcasing through Hyrule Warriors.

Tuesday 23 September 2014

Glacier White Destiny Play station 4

Glacier White Destiny Play station 4
Sony on September 9, 2014 announced the release of its new play station, Glacier white Destiny play station 4. The ultimate experience of this destiny is made possible only on the play station. Sony has been varying its choice of color from time to time. Initially, Sony’s play station used to come in black and then they started varying it to red and blue for play station 3. And now with its new release “Destiny”, Sony has bundled the game completely with a white colored play station.

This is an action thriller game as well as adventure base. It is a smart enabled one as you can get instant access to a world of instant entertainment. All one need to get access to the instant entertainment is connect it to the net and browse movies, listen to numerous of songs, connect with people around world via game and lots of other content. This feature is especially known as NETFLIX.

This is the game where you get more than you need from a play station in order to leave your mark on the world of destiny.

Unfortunately as per the information so far, this game is currently exclusive only in the European market. So if you are nearby to it you can grab a hand on it as soon as possible. But if you still wish to buy a play station 4 then you can opt for the one which is not bundled with the Destiny. The air is still unclear about the availability of the white console in other countries.

According to the Sony Computer Entertainment’s Worldwide Studios President, Shuhei Yoshida, Sony will also release later this year the standalone white PS4 in Europe.

This Destiny will be costing around $450 and includes a copy of Destiny, a 500 GB glacier white PS 4, Dual shock 4 controller, and subscription to the play station network for almost a month.

The most exciting thing about this game is that it is an action as well as adventure based game. The player of this game is the guardian of the last city that is still to be protected from getting demolished in the Earth. It provides an exclusive multiple player maps, strike missions and arsenal in order to make you a true legend. Moreover you can even form a team powered with incredible weapons with your friends to defeat the enemies of the Earth and become the legends forever.

Sunday 21 September 2014

Microsoft to Purchase Minecraft Creator Mojang for $2.5 Billion

According to the reports, Microsoft Corporation (MSFT), developers of Xbox video-game console are now ready to acquire the software company, Mojang AB. This company is behind the most popular game Minecraft and now will be acquired for $2.5 billion. This was carried out in a bid with the aim to boost their Xbox and mobile business.

According to Microsoft, even though Stockholm-based Mojang will be officially joining the game-studio division of the world’s largest software developers, the company’s founder is expected to carry on with their other projects of the company.

As per the statement given by Microsoft on September 16th, this purchase is expected to be closed late this year and will be launched on 2015. This deal is being considered as the biggest deal since the change of CEO at Microsoft. This game will give Nadella, CEO, with a game which is popular and all platforms and devices made by the company itself as well as rivals like Apple etc.

This acquisition has come at the right time wherein the company is looking for investment in their Xbox strategy and trying to venture into highly competitive mobile-phone arena. Microsoft is looking forward to make Minecraft be available on all software platforms which includes personal computer, Apple iOS, Google Inc Android and Sony Corporation play station console.

Overseas Revenue: 

According to Peter Wootton, company spokesman, Redmond which is the Microsoft’s Washington based office, is planning to pay for this deal through their cash which is held overseas. This means company will have favorable tax results. According to the CEO, they don’t consider Mindcraft just as a great gaming franchise, but it is an open platform around the world and is pushed forward through a very vibrant community of people, which the company cherishes. This platform will offer vast opportunity for Microsoft as well as the community. As per the reports till June, 54 million copies of this Mojang game has been sold in all different forms.

Approach of Markus Persson

This deal was reached due to the conversation between the Majong’s founder and Microsoft regarding their experience with Minecraft on Xbox. This deal was advised by JPMorgan Chase & Co and based on this Majong agreed for the deal with Microsoft and been working on framework and pricing. According to Mojang’s co-founder Markus Persson, he is just a basic computer programmer not an entrepreneur. He stated that he doesn’t understand the concept and how it works and doesn’t want anything to come back to him.

Risks to Microsoft

Microsoft is taking a huge risk purchasing Minecraft, which is currently at the apex of popularity and Mojang without their founders may not be able to grow at a fast pace and develop sequel. Minecraft was available earlier this month on all new generation of consoles, PlayStation 4, etc.

Sunday 24 August 2014

Ultimate Sea Adventure on Phone- Oceanhorn

Oceanhorn even though seems to be inspired from Zelda; it is fantasy story full of adventure, battle and exploration. It is completely an interlaced story.

What you need to know about the game:

This game is about the story of a boy, who in search of his missing father is exploring everything about a monster named Oceanhorn. The game has exceptional narratives and has the capacity to draw the complete attention of the player and provide them with enough motivation for the actions that needs to be taken by the characters in the game. The game has been laced with high quality graphics and music to keep the player engrossed. Currently the game has been made to be compatible with every iOS and has been priced at $8.99 US.

What’s the story of Oceanhorn:

This is game all about a boy, who has been send to a completely different world with only his father’s book of his travel and a necklace of his late mother. The boy is in search of his father, who has gone missing after he went searching for Oceanhorn. The game starts with the boy meeting a hermit who guides him about collecting 3 sacred and holy emblems. In order to collect these emblems the character will be travelling across different islands and enters the exciting part of sailing and surfing.

The character can sail across different islands my developing a course of sail in the map and following the route. The water journey has been kept exciting with constant entry of attackers and enemies and other hazardous conditions. Just like most of the other games, it’s about shooting all the enemies in order to save your lives and health.

So what’s exciting?

Being a game based on adventure, exploration becomes the main exciting part. It’s up to the player to select their course of action. The choice can be difficult task as the game has not been designed to give any hints of which course or path to consider. In order to collect the emblem, player might have to repeatedly come back to same areas again and again. Interaction is the only means to collect ideas and information. These hints will enable the player to search a new area of probably complete a new task.

Puzzles have been incorporated to test the mind of the player as solving them can help to either collect treasure or get into a new location. Getting a puzzle solved is an exciting task but if it takes lot of time, might even frustrate certain players. Players need not get confused with puzzles to be main problem solver as they might to be even there just to confuse.

The enemies in the game has been developed tactfully like boss battle is about skills, player need to use their skill to kill these boss as they have to attack them for a long time and in the end can even get helpless.

What could be different?

The controls have been given well but the swipe control might occasionally trouble you and frame rate issues need to rectify.

In the end, this game will give you all the excitement you need to restore the empire of Arcadia when compared to other games at much higher costs.

Friday 18 July 2014

Done with candies? Have a soda – says King

Candy Crush Saga
Sequels are the rage these days. The sequel to the most loved and hated game – Candy Crush Saga from King – has arrived on Google’s play store with a soft launch – Candy Crush Soda Saga. Only this time, there is some soda as well to go with the gummies. So is it different or all the same with a new package?

Initial Impression: 

It seems like King is following the “don’t change the winning mantra” rule by the book. The overall look of the game is almost identical to its predecessor and has gaudy colors and a cartoonish look written all over it. In fact, it might well be taken for a clone of the original game, only it is not.

It seems like King wants to cash in on its candy crush saga popularity while it is still there and is apparently milking the cow to the end. Therefore, instead of hard candies and chocolate, they are now selling soda and gummies.


The original gameplay is largely retained and so is the general feel about the sequel. If you are a fan of earlier editions, you feel right at home and can start climbing up the ladder. In fact, only the hard-core fans might able to detect the differences between this and its predecessor – where gummies float in soda unlike dropping candies.

The catch – it is still a match-3 puzzle game with the annoying energy system retained in most certainty. There is also a purple block which lets you create new combinations, match possibilities, and can make for more challenging levels.

As this is a King game, in app purchases run rampant and loud in-your-face type. There are all in all 75 levels to grind through with these purchases significantly making the progress less of a burden.

Early Preview: 

Early adopters in play store are already complaining about a lack of daily bonus wheel and overall lack of challenging levels, however some have stated that level 55 in particular is hard to overcome with some difficult moves, though others do not agree.

There are also reports that the exit button on Android is fixed. As for early preview, crashes, force closes and logging-in troubles remain though these kinks will most likely be ironed out by King come release time.


So King is out again with another sequel based on the same formula that led to the widely popular original game in this series and the overall gameplay being largely similar gives it a milking the cow feel, but then who doesn’t. Should you play it? If you have fetish for match-3 puzzles or just want something to pass your time, pick it up, chances are it will do just fine.

On the other hand, diehard fans of the series are sure to play this and complete it without sparing a thought. While there are preview versions already available for Android and AppStore and release is imminent now, other platforms are going to miss the title yet again it seems. King has no interest in the rising platforms such as WP8 or BB10 and they will be skipped.

Monday 30 June 2014

Some Interesting Versions of the Popular Angry Birds Game

Angry Birds Game
Angry Birds which is the popular free game on smartphone was originally developed in Finland for iOS on Apple’s smartphones.

Within a year of its launch, the fame of the game crossed over twelve million across the world which led to it being designed for smartphone operating on other platform like Windows Phone, Symbian and Android operating system.

Angry Birds has been praised for its combination of comical style, addictive gameplay and low price. The popularity of this game is due to the fact that those who do not even own smartphones can also play this game on personal computers as well as video game consoles.

With downloads of 2 billion, across all platforms including regular as well as special edition, the franchise has become the highest downloaded game of all time.Its popularity resulted in the release of a series of Angry Birds game though at first it was released as a single game.

Some accepted games in the series are the well-known classic Angry Bird which is the first of the series. Here the player is supposed to make use of a slingshot to protect the birds in the field from the swine in the same field and as the game progresses; the player encounters various types of birds with different capabilities.

Angry Bird with Holiday Themes

Angry Bird Season comes with holiday themes such as Christmas, Valentines, Halloween and much more. For those fascinated with the universe, will be thrilled to try out the Angry Bird Space game wherein the game needs to be played in different planets.

 Each of these planets has their own gravitation field which affects the birds’ trail. Kart racing fans can enjoy trying their skills with the Angry Birds Go! Game, Birds and pigs that have unique power race downhill. To win strategies for the game, one need to analyse all the possibilities carefully and very often the ideal route is the shortest route in Angry Birds.

When one takes a turn, ensure to stay close to the curve and always drive around the inner area of the track. This would prove to be helpful while racing against time or trying to move ahead of the opponent.

Exceptions may include when the player may have to pick up a gem beyond the track or if racing far ahead of the opponent. The gem should not be used if the player has no possibilities of winning a specific challenge or probably try a few more time or could decide to pause the game and try some time later.

Angry Bird in Various Colour/Capabilities 

Angry Birds come in various colours with each of them having their own capabilities and the player should comprehend what each bird is capable of before the slingshot is used at random.

Moreover the player should also keep track of the golden egg which not only gives additional rounds to play but bonus points as well.

Online tutorials are made available with illustrations to the player to enable them to know the concept of the game and enjoy a fantastic gaming experience with Angry Birds.