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Thursday 8 February 2018

Nintendo's Next Big Mobile Game Will Be 'Mario Kart Tour'

Popular Kart Racer – Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour
An outbreak of Nintendo news had been announced recently among which was a Mario movie with the Despicable Me studio, the launch of online service of Nintendo and to summarize Miyamoto, the revelation that Nintendo’s is a `fun’ company and not a `games’ company.

However, the biggest news of all was the announcement of Nintendo which was their next huge mobile project - Mario Kart Tour. The game is presently under development and according to the company; the popular kart racer would be released in Android as well as iOS devices before March 2019.

This would be a first for the Mario Kart franchise on modern smartphones. Though Nintendo has not been sharing much besides a logo, there seems to be a lot from the disclosure and the time in the mobile spaces for Nintendo has been a hit or miss. Recently Miitomo their first experimental mobile had been shut down and Super Mario run excellently failed to convert interested player into playing players with its `one and one’ at a cost of $10.

However Fire Emblem Heroes in contrast had made $100M in its first year with its extremely profitable gacha model together with the Nintendo’s piece of huge $1 billion and Pok√©mon GO pie.

Nintendo Partnering with Illumination

The big question is where will Mario Kart Tour fall and how does Nintendo tend to monetize it? The company had announced that 14.86 million Switch consoles had been sold together with around half as many copies of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, a straight port of game which sold a further 8 million copies also on the Wii U.

Nintendo is said to have more mobile tiles in the pipeline. Initially the company had intended to release five smartphone games by 2017 though only Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes, Animal Crossing, Pocket Cam together with the ill-fated Miitomo social app had made it till now. The Wall Street Journal had reported last year that Nintendo had been operational on a Legend of Zelda mobile title.

Moreover, Nintendo had also made an announcement that it would be partnering with Illumination for a movie known as Mario. Illumination is well known for animated hit films like Despicable Me and Minions. Besides the title together with a release window, details pertaining to Mario Kart Tour mobile game have not been disclosed by Nintendo.

Additional Mobile Titles in Progress

Tweet of Nintendo reads thus `The chequered flag has been raised and the finish line is near. A new mobile application is now in development: Mario Kart Tour! #MarioKartTourReleasing in the fiscal year ending March 2019.’Now it is left to be seen and only time will tell what Mario Kart Tour achieves in maintaining its relative success of its smartphone siblings.

While the Nintendo Switch had sold around 15 million units from the time of its launch in March 2017, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe had sold around 7.33 million units. Nintendo could have additional mobile titles in progress. The company had observed that the smartphone linked revenue had been around JPY 29.1 billion, in its nine-month earnings report.

Wednesday 7 January 2015

The Best Games for Your New Android Phone


There are lots of arguments pertaining to the lack of games on Android based phones and tablets when compared to the ones with iOS. Even though Android is working hard to get these gaps filled, still there are lots of games which are worth playing and having on the phone. The games for android range from monster-punch madness to a Zen like strategy games. The list is endless. Some of the favorites among market experts and players are:

1 Rymdkapsel: - This game is a space-age strategy game, which has been set in a strange, pixel-perfect world. In this game, the player has to control many white rectangles as they keep on gathering resources, food stores, fire lasers at intruders and research unexplained monoliths.

2 Smash Hit: - This game is known to elevate itself into a total art form and is well known method of stress relief. The players have to go through a path wherein they have to face Glass walls, pyramids, windows, and even DNA-like helixes in their path. The players have to destroy these obstacles before they can do any damage to them. This game is very simple and addictive and can be a player’s delight.

3 Badland: - This game explains more or less about the evolution of human genome through time. In this, the untitled protagonist species keeps on shrinking or multiplying many times in a single level. The immersive 2D aesthetic and the puzzles make this game a pleasure to play.

4 Plants vs. Zombies: - The game is about strategically positioning the plants on the game board to avoid the legion of zombies, which are ready to overtake the game board. New challenges and increased number of zombies make this game more than one can handle.

5 Hearthstone: - At present this game is accessible on phones and tablets with more than 6 inches screen. This can be full of thrill of one on one fight and quickly made the player addicted.

6 Jetpack Joyride: - The game is all about getting the highest score through some of the basic cartoon animations of the game.

7 Super Hexagon: - In this game the player is in the form on a triangle and moving across on a pulsating hexagon, which keeps on throwing obstacles at the player. It is difficult for the players to be alive for more than 60 seconds but, this is what makes the game so addictive.

8 The Room 2: - This is a sequel to The Room and the developers have already taken the game to a new level and made it even more exciting. The puzzles are much more complex this time and it will not be easy for a player to get out of the room so easily.

9 Kingdom Rush Origins: - This is one of the best tower defense game that anyone can get on their phone or tablet. Origins are the latest additions to the Kingdom Rush series and it has everything to excite the fans of the previous game.

10 Minecraft:- Pocket edition: - This game carries out the essence of the main mine-craft game very well and sure to keep a beginner happy.

Friday 21 November 2014

Assassin’s Creed Unity- Stuffed with Bugs and Poor on Computers and Consoles

Assassin’s Creed Unity
Assassin’s Creed Unity, which was released with such hype, got a complete blow when 12 hours post the game’s release, it was declared a completely messed up game. The consumers are stating that the games from its looks, looks like was not yet ready and the Company Ubisoft wanted to just get it released as soon as possible.

Some of the drawbacks f the game includes its limitation to 900p on the consoles, the poor draw distance, dramatic decrease in the frame rates, and due to some unexpl
ainable reasons the characters and the faces keeps on disappearing.


There are a completely new thread which has been dedicates to the performance of the Assassin’s Creed Unity on the PC, which is even more than NeoGAF. The creator of this thread had tried to run on the game on Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 but still unable to get the desired results. This thread consists of many posters having the same issue of cut scenes dipping below the 30 fps.

There are some of the screenshots, which display the bug, which have drawn lot of criticism. Ubisoft send the Xbox version of the game to many outlets for overview and the response was dire and indicated that the problems with the Assassin’s Creed Unity is no longer limited to computers only.

As per the Joystiq, both Xbox A single and PS4 versions are having problems with the game-breaking bugs and the dipping in the frame rate. Unbelievably it is true that the frame rate of the Xbox A is more noticeable and the consoles are locked at the maximum of 900p.

According to the reports from PC World, the game Assassin's Creed Unity although available can be rough. They have stated that the game itself is having riddles of self-performance. On similar lines, users have been posting nasty feedback about the game on the NeoGAF.

The company had placed a devious review restriction during the first half of the day of the launch, which actually caused many people to take the plunge and buy the game even without seeing the full review.

Why the game has so many flaws? 

The Ubisoft company is known to have the best of the software engineers, they have the required talent pool and enough finance to make unbelievable games, but going by the looks of Assassin’s Creed Unity, the short turnaround time given to the development team has affected the final product. The game would have had all the advantages if the company would have held back on the release data and given more time for the internal resources to show its effect on the product.

Ubisoft already knew that the game will not be making the people around the world happy and it has certainly brought lot of embarrassment to the company. Although there are times when a game is launched, people give time to the company to run initial updates and patches but the feedbacks and reviews of the game have been extremely ferocious.

Sunday 24 August 2014

Ultimate Sea Adventure on Phone- Oceanhorn

Oceanhorn even though seems to be inspired from Zelda; it is fantasy story full of adventure, battle and exploration. It is completely an interlaced story.

What you need to know about the game:

This game is about the story of a boy, who in search of his missing father is exploring everything about a monster named Oceanhorn. The game has exceptional narratives and has the capacity to draw the complete attention of the player and provide them with enough motivation for the actions that needs to be taken by the characters in the game. The game has been laced with high quality graphics and music to keep the player engrossed. Currently the game has been made to be compatible with every iOS and has been priced at $8.99 US.

What’s the story of Oceanhorn:

This is game all about a boy, who has been send to a completely different world with only his father’s book of his travel and a necklace of his late mother. The boy is in search of his father, who has gone missing after he went searching for Oceanhorn. The game starts with the boy meeting a hermit who guides him about collecting 3 sacred and holy emblems. In order to collect these emblems the character will be travelling across different islands and enters the exciting part of sailing and surfing.

The character can sail across different islands my developing a course of sail in the map and following the route. The water journey has been kept exciting with constant entry of attackers and enemies and other hazardous conditions. Just like most of the other games, it’s about shooting all the enemies in order to save your lives and health.

So what’s exciting?

Being a game based on adventure, exploration becomes the main exciting part. It’s up to the player to select their course of action. The choice can be difficult task as the game has not been designed to give any hints of which course or path to consider. In order to collect the emblem, player might have to repeatedly come back to same areas again and again. Interaction is the only means to collect ideas and information. These hints will enable the player to search a new area of probably complete a new task.

Puzzles have been incorporated to test the mind of the player as solving them can help to either collect treasure or get into a new location. Getting a puzzle solved is an exciting task but if it takes lot of time, might even frustrate certain players. Players need not get confused with puzzles to be main problem solver as they might to be even there just to confuse.

The enemies in the game has been developed tactfully like boss battle is about skills, player need to use their skill to kill these boss as they have to attack them for a long time and in the end can even get helpless.

What could be different?

The controls have been given well but the swipe control might occasionally trouble you and frame rate issues need to rectify.

In the end, this game will give you all the excitement you need to restore the empire of Arcadia when compared to other games at much higher costs.

Friday 24 January 2014

Top Five Multiplayer Games for Android

Multiplayer Games for Android
In this modern world, the Gaming has been an active field and also an addictive thing which has been made by the adults and by the child too. More particularly, the trends of game in the mobiles have been growing after the release of the Smartphones with more advanced features. But playing games with single player has made the people to get bored and they can only able to play with them only.

There are several games which have been released in order to play with other peoples in this world by using the multiplayer games. You can easily enjoy the social competitiveness by playing the games with other peoples around this globe. There are lots of options are there in order to play the multiplayer games in the mobile, such as playing with many players with the same device, or with the people who were in your wireless network, or you can do it in a online multiplayer arenas.

Here I have shared a bit of information regarding the best multiplayer games in the market and here it goes;

Paper War: Paper War is one of the best games which have been released ever for the multiplayer option. The Paper War consists of three mini games inside a single game and this game lets you to play with another person with your friends on the same device or you can play a head to head game with your friends. Even you can play alliance diplomacy with this game.

In the head to head game, you can use your fingers to control your cannons and you can easily hit your enemy by using your own strategy. Even can even hit your own troops to disable your own troops for few minutes and you can wipe your enemy with those cannons. Paper War in a tablet will provide you a ultimate experience while playing in it.

Rush Poker: Rush Poker is a poker app which lets you to play with a adrenalin rush and you can play this game in a multiplayer option by using the Browser of your android mobiles and this games has many built in features while comparing to the other poker games and the multiplayer option for this game is brilliant while playing with other users online.

Home Run Battle 2: Home Run Battle 2 is a baseball games which let you to swing the bat when a ball is incoming on the way, and it suits well for a multiplayer option.

Uniwar: After the release of the Uniwar, totally 2.5 million users have played this game in their mobile. There are so many people who love to play this game in a multiplayer option, it allows you to built your own army and you can beat your enemies with that.

Pocket Legends: Pocket Legends is a two player game like Paper war, but you can beat your opponent with this game more easily. It provides you an experience of better game play with millions of users in the universe.

Thursday 12 December 2013

Five Free Android Games

Five Free Android Games
Android has made the huge impact in mobile technology. Smart phones along with Android the most powerful devices that you can keep with. It provides a very good interface for messaging, email, surfing and calling. When you are feed up with the works you can just always prefer to play game. Android provides you free games that you can just download from Android market and have fun with.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds the world loves the game. Angry birds has top the gaming market on its release in iPhone and now also with Android. It has been consistently most popular for a decade. The game designed in a way that birds from a sling shot attacks protected pigs. So you may ask why pigs are being protected? Just simple pigs stole the eggs of birds, birds get angry and stated to attack, a basic logic behind creating this game. Not only this reality has made the game popular but the interface and sounds make you go crazy and take you away from stress and busy schedule.

Paper Toss

At real time you will waste lot of paper and try to throw it in waste basket. The game was originally was created from this scenario. Just flick your finger in touch screen and toss a crush piece of paper across the room where waste basket is available. Sound easier? Don’t think so when fan, air current surrounds your room causing you to deviate from the normal position. So in order to make the correct shot you have to go up with obstacle and shot at basket kept at certain distance. Game is easy to deal with larger screen. Choose different levels and location to mark your best score at all instance.

Live Holdem Poker

People using Facebook will surely be familiar with the game Texas Holdem Poker. Available with Android Market, it uses Facebook user name and password to connect to Texas Holdem Poker live, where you can play with your friends or stranger by giving request around the world. Game starts with hardly thousand free chips, and if your skills are like beginner then you won’t last long. But this is not going to be the end. You purchase chips by Dollars and get back to the game.


Jewels is available at free of cost in Android market. Jewels are like Bejeweled but not exactly. Game is simple, just place identical jewels in three rows or more, that will vanish and get another set of Jewels. The more Jewels you place identical the more points you score. Main objective of this game is to beat high score across the globe. Game is pure fun and challenging.


This game is really worth of downloading. Free Solitaire app by Ken Magic offers different Solitaire app and stable. They provide easy interface and provided with more useful options. Some of the options are:

* Play with 1 or 3 cards, Style of the game either as normal or Vegas style, Spider Solitaire can be played with 1, 2 or 4 suit. Those who like to play Spider Solitaire you can also enjoy with this, because of its smooth, easy and predominately app is solid.