Thursday 12 December 2013

Five Free Android Games

Five Free Android Games
Android has made the huge impact in mobile technology. Smart phones along with Android the most powerful devices that you can keep with. It provides a very good interface for messaging, email, surfing and calling. When you are feed up with the works you can just always prefer to play game. Android provides you free games that you can just download from Android market and have fun with.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds the world loves the game. Angry birds has top the gaming market on its release in iPhone and now also with Android. It has been consistently most popular for a decade. The game designed in a way that birds from a sling shot attacks protected pigs. So you may ask why pigs are being protected? Just simple pigs stole the eggs of birds, birds get angry and stated to attack, a basic logic behind creating this game. Not only this reality has made the game popular but the interface and sounds make you go crazy and take you away from stress and busy schedule.

Paper Toss

At real time you will waste lot of paper and try to throw it in waste basket. The game was originally was created from this scenario. Just flick your finger in touch screen and toss a crush piece of paper across the room where waste basket is available. Sound easier? Don’t think so when fan, air current surrounds your room causing you to deviate from the normal position. So in order to make the correct shot you have to go up with obstacle and shot at basket kept at certain distance. Game is easy to deal with larger screen. Choose different levels and location to mark your best score at all instance.

Live Holdem Poker

People using Facebook will surely be familiar with the game Texas Holdem Poker. Available with Android Market, it uses Facebook user name and password to connect to Texas Holdem Poker live, where you can play with your friends or stranger by giving request around the world. Game starts with hardly thousand free chips, and if your skills are like beginner then you won’t last long. But this is not going to be the end. You purchase chips by Dollars and get back to the game.


Jewels is available at free of cost in Android market. Jewels are like Bejeweled but not exactly. Game is simple, just place identical jewels in three rows or more, that will vanish and get another set of Jewels. The more Jewels you place identical the more points you score. Main objective of this game is to beat high score across the globe. Game is pure fun and challenging.


This game is really worth of downloading. Free Solitaire app by Ken Magic offers different Solitaire app and stable. They provide easy interface and provided with more useful options. Some of the options are:

* Play with 1 or 3 cards, Style of the game either as normal or Vegas style, Spider Solitaire can be played with 1, 2 or 4 suit. Those who like to play Spider Solitaire you can also enjoy with this, because of its smooth, easy and predominately app is solid.

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