Tuesday 24 December 2013

Why PC games are more popular than Consoles?

PC games
There may be loads of consoles to play with. But everyone feels comfortable with PC as their bet gaming partner than that of consoles. This generation is the generation of computers. Reasons for the still existing fame of PC’s in the field of gaming compared to consoles are listed as follows.


PC’s are comfortable to play with and the screen size of the computer gives you the perfect compactness. Many may argue that PC’s do not support good graphics compared to consoles. But PC’s also gives you with a satisfactory graphics experience that is just needed for the game. Observe the graphic comparison for yourself.


Consoles are pretty expensive. You can a buy a PC instead of consoles since they can be used for multiple purposes. What would you choose? A product that supports only gaming facility else a product that supports many in addition to games? Well most of them prefers and finds comfortable with the second one.
Gives you a variety of options:

A PC gives you multiple options while playing. For instance you can use cheat codes.;) You can attach remove any kind of additional hardware controllers to your PC whereas you can use a rumple-pad alone in case of Gaming consoles. You have lot of online free games to download and play. No need of mods to play with a different manner.


Upgrades are available for each and every game. Is it better to download the versions online or upgrading your entire Xbox or whatever console you have. Moreover the components replacements are pretty expensive in consoles. In case of PC’s you just need to upgrade your graphic cards once in 4 years.


You can store a variety of games in computer whereas you’re not provided with such features in consoles however some of the console can store the amount like data stored in a DVD. In case of personal computer, the storage is practically unlimited. You can store as many as games until your storage space gets full. We can even install and store games in the external hard drive in case of personal computer games. People will go for personal computer instead of buying new hardware for the Gaming consoles.

Lack of the most popular games: 

Games such a Dota 2, Warcraft3, Civilization series, Starcraft 2 are the most popular games in the field of gaming and consoles lack such game which makes PC’s best compared to consoles. PC games are more in number while compared to the other console games; you can download thousands of games online from various websites for your personal computer. But in case of consoles, you need to buy the games from the markets. People love to play games in their personal computers rather than playing games in their consoles.
This reason might explain you why PC games are still popular compared to consoles. If you find any more reasons, then you can mention it in the comment box which is given below.

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