Tuesday 24 December 2013

Computer virus can be spread in the air to hack any computer!

Computer virus
Computer development is progressing at breakneck speed. Scientists have developed a prototype virus capable of transmitting data without requiring a network connection! This virus can in fact move in the air using inaudible sound frequencies. It is explained in detail.

As incredible as it may seem, scientists have invented a new concept of computer virus: A virus capable of traveling through the air. This invention is a team of German researchers based at the Institute for Communication work, information processing and Fraunhofer. The prototype requires only a microphone and integrated speakers to work.

Thus, they were able to travel information such as passwords or small amounts of data over distances of about 20 meters. Scientists explain in their paper and they described how the concept of air holes can be considered obsolete now that laptops quite common can communicate with each other through their speakers and internal microphone and can even form a kind of network noise ‘secret’. Hidden on this network, information can travel through multiple hops infected nodes, which means that they are interconnected so completely isolated networks and systems.

 " The sound frequency of which is very close to high frequencies and that of ultrasound is used borrowed from research to transmit data. all acoustic underwater! This allowed his team to transmit data between two laptops Lenovo T400 type simply using their integrated (micro and speakers) sound equipment. The data were thus transmitted at 20 bits per second, which is a fairly high speed to recover passwords, they explain.

“This small bandwidth may actually enable the transfer of critical information.” So far, the transmission of data from one computer to another required the presence of a network. Now, viruses and hackers can use this technique to transmit information while going completely unnoticed! It makes us shudder to realize that ... Would you ever imagine that could spread through the air and infect your computer virus?

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