Monday 9 December 2013

Top 5 Text Editors for Programmers and Web Developers

Sublime Text
As a programmer, you need requires set of tools which allows your programs to execute properly. For a programmer, the text editor is one of the main factors while coding a program and it is the most important tool for them. A perfect text editor is a text editor which allows the programmer to remove minor changes and errors in the program while working. For instance, if you’re working with HTML files, errors can be occurred while editing the CSS files.

1.Sublime Text: Sublime Text is a best text editor which let you to edit the text very perfectly and most of the developer uses this text editor for their developing uses. Sublime Text editor is available for all sort of operating system such as Linux, mac as well as for windows. It is a best offline text editor which is easy to navigate and has a wonderful user interface which makes you to love typing in it. Sublime text editor makes you to work in a Syntax mode that helps you to code exactly as you want without any sort of errors.

2.Notepad ++: Notepad ++ is a free source code editor which has several built in function as well as fantastic features. It replaces ordinary text editor and it brings out the functionalities with windows environment. The additional features of Notepad ++ makes it to replaces it with the original text editor which is found over the windows already. Notepad ++ has features such as line numbering, zoom in and zoom out features, highlighting of syntax and so on. Notepad ++ is considered as a must have tools for you and various other features are real and the software is totally free.

3.BlueFish: BlueFish is another text editor which is specially used for web development purposes. BlueFish is developed by using the GTK, which is especially dedicated to the webmasters to save their time. BlueFish comes with multiple tool bars which allow you to work in a wonderful environment which brought you many tools in them. By using BlueFish, you can edit multiple files at a single time; also you can work with PHP, HTML, JAVA and other programming languages.

4.Brackets: Brackets is a product of adobe and it is especially made to give various features for HTML, JavaScript and CSS too. Brackets is an open source text editor which allows you to experience lots of features in it. Brackets has easily customizable option which allows you to customize it according to your wish and it is totally available for free.

5.UltraEdit: UltraEdit is a featured as well as a powerful text editor which support various modules for programming. UltraEdit is highly customizable and has built in syntax highlighting feature which will definitely help the developers. UltraEdit offers you a option to create projects within it. UltraEdit is used to create projects since it is project-centric rather than the document-centric manner.

The various text editors have been listed out in the above paragraphs which enhance your day to day activities in your local machine absolutely.

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