Wednesday 11 December 2013

The Start menu will be back in Desktop optimized version of Windows 8.2

Start menu in Windows 8.2
Current rumor is that Microsoft is considering to bring back the Start menu and let Metro style apps run in windows on the desktop. Hence The next Windows update could set the desktop again closer to the center again. It's still a while to go until the traded under the code name Threshold Windows update will be released in the spring of 2015, but even now make first details on Microsoft's plans around.

So will a blogger Mery Jo Foley learned that Microsoft called three SKUs ie it brings three versions of Windows in the market that use a common core, but are optimized for different applications. However, and it Foley points out explicitly, can still change these plans, not least in view of the large changes in the Microsoft management. Thus, a "Modern - SKU" for end users is planned at the stand , the new WinRT apps in the foreground.

It will run on ARM and Intel processors and is regularly updated through the Windows Store. This variant could then run on smartphones and tablets as well as in PCs. Depending on the device, a desktop might be included Win32 apps are not available for this SKU but in the foreground. This would then Windows RT and Windows Phone merge into a new version of Windows. In addition, there will be a traditional option for customers, aiming at the current PC market.

The customer could include a customizable desktop and can be operated well with mouse and keyboard. This version will be updated regularly on the Windows Store. Third, a traditional SKU is planned for companies that bring back all the old management features and support for Win32 apps in a desktop environment. This variant is to run primarily on traditional PCs, and on tablets and other devices and support Modern apps from the Windows Store.

Maybe Microsoft will offer this option, only volume licensees. In addition, this version should be updated less frequently to accommodate businesses that do not want automatic updates. Meanwhile, also citing sources within Microsoft , Metro apps will run under Threshold in windows on the desktop, so that multiple apps can be used in parallel. Microsoft also plan to keep the start button also as the the traditional start menu in Windows 8 as optional.

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