Monday 16 December 2013

Google Design Its Own ARM Chips

ARM processors
Google to develop its own server processors with ARM architecture. Thus Goolge can use hardware that is better adapted to the Google software. Rumors that Google is working on their own processors is circling for many years - ever since the purchase of Agnilux 2010. 

According to a report by Bloomberg, Googleis busy to design their own processors, which is beneficial in two ways: Google would be less dependent on Intel and could also control the integration of hardware and software better, similar to Apple. 

 It is unclear at this point, the areas in which Google uses the ARM processors. For example, chips for micro servers are conceivable - Google builds Switches already of their own. Processors of its own design are at the beginning though expensive as they have to be designed after the symbiosis of computing unit and applications but is usually much more effective than with chips from other manufacturers. 

A good example is the combination of the developed processors from Apple and iOS. The current A7 chip is based on a 64 -bit architecture, with the ARMv8 technique, a similar development has also reached the ARM segment. 

After AMD has already announced server processors like the Hierofalcon based on this architecture, it seems only logical that Google developed its own ARM processors. However, this would mean that in future fewer chips by Intel are used by Google. 

Google is one of the companies that buy most of server processors from Intel. Google spokeswoman Liz Markman said to Bloomberg that Google is working constantly to develop the world's best infrastructurewith hardware included. Whether the company also developed its own ARM processors to Markman did not elicit .

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