Tuesday 24 December 2013

Choosing best server OS: Windows server Vs Linux server

Is Windows or Linux server the best? Decades ago both OS were leveling each other. Later everyone moved on to Windows as their stable OS. Novell’s version of Linux proved to be the best competitor’s for Windows 8.

Choosing a sever always depends upon the type of usage a computer is used be it personal or business. However each server OS has its own pros and cons. Let me list out to you.
Versions of OS

Windows OS: 

The commonly used windows server OS versions are shown in the following.

(i) Windows Server 2012 R2 (2013)

(ii)Windows Multipoint Server (2012)

(iii) Windows Server 2012

(iv)Windows Multipoint Server (2011)

(v) Windows Home Server 2011

(vi) Windows Multipoint Server (2010)
(vii) Windows Server 2008 R2

(viii) Windows Home server (2007)

(ix) Windows Server 2008

(x) Windows Server 2003

(xi) Windows 2000

(xii) Windows NT 4.0

(xiii) Windows NT 3.5.1

(xiv) Windows NT 3.5

(xv) Windows NT 3.1

Most of this windows server OS comes out with different versions such as Service pack 1, Service pack 2 and Service pack 3. Those versions are also called as Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition and Data center Edition.

Linux OS: 

The Top 10 Linux server OS that is easy to use are shown below.

(i) Ubuntu

(ii) Red Hat

(iii) SUSE

(iv) Mandriva
(v) Xandros

(vi) Slackware

(vii) Debian

(viii) Vyatta

(ix) CentOS

(x) Unbreakable Linux

Now moving on to Linux, Linux OS has less disadvantages compared to windows.

Linux OS’s are the best suited for business organizations. Even organizations such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft organizations use the open source Linux for their purpose as they can venture freely with that type of environment.

Hope you got a clear idea about choosing a server OS.

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