Monday 30 December 2013

What is Rooting a Android Phone!

Rooting  Android Phone

What is Rooting? Advantages of Rooting and its Disadvantages: 

Android technology has been increasing grown in the last few years; many of you have been seen the advantages in the android technology. Likewise, there are so many of us wants to improve their mobile usability and they want to customize their mobile interface. But due to few security concerns, the android has limited the features of the android mobiles. This has been increasing discussed in the internet, how to improve the performance of the mobile. The answer for this has been termed as a term, ”Rooting”.

Basically “What is Rooting”? 

Rooting is a sort of unlocking your mobile phone from the system lock, rooting will provide access to various level of accessing your core files. The unrooted phone is like accessing the mobile in Guest User Mode. If you root your mobiles, it will allow you to access and modify the core files which are present in your mobile.

How to Root your Mobile?

Rooting allows you to access the internal files of the mobile and provides you a full access or a privilege to access the mobile. This is like using a mobile with admin mode, so that you can do as you need with your mobile. In order to root, you need install the custom ROM in your mobile. Each of the models has separate CUSTOM ROM, which is to be installed over the mobile. Suppose if you want to root your Sony XperiaTipo, then it has one ROM. Suppose if you want to root Micromax Doodle, it has another separate ROM. Each of them varies from one another. If you install wrong custom ROM in the mobile, it will definitely turns you’re mobile into a solid brick. Please make sure that you were correct with the CUSTOM ROM. If you don’t know how to root your mobile, then don’t ever try that.

Advantage of Rooting A Mobile

Run Special Application: If you root your mobile, then you can run several special applications in the mobile. In some special cases, you can install applications which can show several informations about your mobile.

Install Applications over the SD Card: If you root your mobile, then you can easily install the applications in the External storage. Few applications cannot be installed on the external storage, but the rooting will allows you to install the applications in the External storage of the mobile.

Overclock your processor: By rooting, you can easily overclock the clock frequency of the mobile. This will allows you to increase the performance of the mobile.

Disadvantage of Rooting A Mobile: 

Incase of wrong rooting, you will experience following things: 

Rooting turns your good mobile into a Solid Brick: By rooting your mobile, you will turn your mobile into a solid brick stone. In case of installing a wrong custom ROM, your mobile will become a solid brick. Warranty Turns Void: If you were doing rooting the mobile, it will make the warranty to be no more longer exist.

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