Tuesday 31 December 2013

Best ways to convert a YouTube video to MP3 files

Everyone is familiar with YouTube. We all are eager to download streaming videos from all websites. YouTube is one of the famous video streaming sites. It is provided by Google. YouTube provides a collection of almost all kinds of videos. Users can also upload videos it. But those videos present in YouTube are allowed to stream alone and can’t be downloaded. User needs a separate downloader or a plugin to download these videos. Even though they download those videos, some of us are always eager to have the mp3 file of the YouTube video. After downloading a video one needs to convert that video to an mp3 file using converter software to get the audio format of that video file. To simply get an mp3 format of the YouTube videos one has to undergo many difficulties. But there are many simple and easy ways available to get mp3 format of the YouTube files.

Want a YouTube video to convert into MP3 format in a simple way? There are many softwares and online services available for it. Even some Web browsers like Torch perform these actions automatically.

YouTube mp3: 

YouTube mp3 is an online service that allows us to convert video files to mp3. You don’t need to download this software. Just visit its website to convert YouTube videos into mp3 files. The following link points to the site:

www.youtube-mp3.org (Vidtomp3.com)

Also another link is available for it.


Supported by all operating system,the above links are provided to convert video files into audio files in online. If you like to download mp3 file of any YouTube video then copy the urllink of that video file and paste it. As soon as the link is pasted in this site, it starts to convert that video file to mp3. It takes maximum of 5 minutes to convert.


Web browsers such as Torch have the ability to download the YouTube videos and download videos and audios from almost all the streaming sites. The latest updated versions have the ability to extract the mp3 files from the video.

If you don’t have this browser then just clicks on the following link. The below link is provided you to download the Torch browser.


Install it and go to “YouTube” website and download the song that you need by clicking a blue arrow mark that lies on the top of the browser tab. Be sure to click the arrow mark while playing the video.


After the video is downloaded the audio file is automatically created by extracting it from the downloaded video. This is the most simple method and can be easily done.


This method allows you to use both online conversion and software conversion. You can download the converter from the following link. The link is,



This link is also another online website where you can get the mp3 from YouTube video.


Now the file is ready to play in your windows media player.

The above methods are the easiest and most efficient ways to convert YouTube videos into mp3 files. Among the entire methods Torch browser is one of the efficient ways. So choose wise and enjoy listening to your favorite music

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