Tuesday 31 December 2013

How to Lock Whatsapp with Password in Android and iPhone

Lock Whatsapp
In this world of technology, everything has made easy for us. For example, mobile phones made us to feel very comfortable. There are lots of technologies has been evolved in this days. In this post, I have shared a bit of information about how to lock our whatsapp application with a password protection so that no one can open our inbox without our knowledge. Providing locks to your whatsapp account will provide a security to your chat account and all of its personal data. No one can open your account and changes its content or message to your friends without your permission.

Even your phone might have a PIN lock or pattern lock features, but providing Lock to your whatsapp will provide you more advantage rather than allowing others to read your messages. There are so many applications that can provide security for your Whatsapp account. But there are only few applications that will provide best performance to the Whatsapp Account.
Whatsapp Lock for your Android Mobile:
  • Whatsapp Lock for Android is a simple application for your android mobile which provides you a perfect security for your Whatsapp account. This application can easily solve your problem and they provide you an ultimate security and privacy for your messages on the Whatsapp account.
  •   The advantage of the Whatsapp Lock for Android is that the Whatsapp Lock for Android takes the photo of the person who tries to access your whatsapp account. Suppose if you were login with a correct pin, then it won’t the picture of the person. If you were login with a wrong pin, then it will snap the picture of the person who is accessing the whatsapp with a wrong pin. 
  • Whatsapp Lock for Android provides you a awesome and fantastic user interface for the android users. 
  •  Whatsapp Lock for Android is available for absolute free for you on the Google Play. This app is a free version for the android users. 
  • You can download Whatsapp Lock for Android from HERE(https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.whatsapplock) 
  • Whatsapp Lock for Android Supports from Android 2.2 version and higher.
Whatsapp Lock for iPhone: 

Do you need Whatsapp Lock for iPhone, and then you must know that there is no such an application for locking your Whatsapp account in the iPhone. There are several fake applications that are available over the internet. Before that you should know that there is no security is more powerful that the screen locks in iPhone. You can use that for providing security for your account. Stay tuned here. If any powerful application is there for locking whatsapp account, then we will update that here for you.

If you want to lock your whatsapp, you can use a home lock screen for protect it.

Whatsapp Lock for BlackBerry: 

This is a simple application for your Whatsapp account in your BlackBerry mobile. You can download that application from here.


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