Wednesday 11 December 2013

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Satellite Communication providers with good many years of experience to their credit have been catering to maritime, government, adventure and sport, broadcast media, emergency response and tracking applications with high quality products to their clients. Their products include Airtime, Handheld satellite phones, Satellite internet and Tracking systems. Their quality on satellite phones are from Iridium, Inmarsat, Thuraya and IsatPhone Pro while their Satellite internet has marine terminals, Land Fixed terminals, in-Motion terminals and Land Portable terminals. The tracking system provides personal tracking system, marine tracking as well as land tracking system and is capable of providing the best satellite phone plans with subscription plans together with prepaid plans, SIM cards and prepaid vouchers from Iridium, Thuraya and Inmarsat.

Being a technology innovator and a market leader, Iridium Communication is the only company offering global voice and data communication coverage and performing daily mission critical activities with real time and reliable communication services. It’s LEO – Iridium’66 low Earth orbiting, a cross linked satellite and the world’s largest commercial constellation is operative as a fully meshed network which is supported by various in orbit spares. Iridium solutions reaches out across the oceans through airways and across the Polar Regions and are ideally suited for industries namely aviation, maritime and government military, mining, oil and gas, emergency humanitarian service, forestry, heavy equipment, transportation, utilities etc. It provides services from the U.S. Department of Defense to subscribers and other civil and government agencies across the globe. Iridium products, services and solutions are sold through a network of service provider and other value added dealers.

Sat Phones to meet your requirements

Being the authorized reseller for Inmarsat, Thuraya and iridium sat phones; they strive to provide great products at competitive prices to their customers directing their focus on the right product for the specific needs of every customer. Their postpaid plan is offered for the convenience of the voice and data communication anywhere without worrying about a low balance or expiry of a prepaid account. The choices on various options to choose from are available at the site and users could check up and opt for the products best suitable according to their requirements.

At SatPhoneCity, one can find their solutions from the most reliable satellite phones to affordable satellite airtime with customized quote within 24 hours on request and the online quotation for satellite equipment and services is furnished only on completion of the required data required by them. Their deliveries are done fast with reliability to most of the locations across the globe with excellent services rendered to their customers. All start to finish assistance is provided by their supportive team when satellite equipment and products are purchased from them together with the hardware and the service needed. Besides this, video tutorial for usage of Iridium sat phone is also made available to the user at the site for guidance. In case of any queries or assistance needed, one can get in touch with them through their toll free number and the possibility of a live chat is also made available at the site.

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