Wednesday 11 December 2013

Best New Features Of Internet Explorer 11 Browser

internet explorer 11
Internet explorer is one of the popular browsers which are used by many of the people in this globe. The latest version of Internet Browser has come up in the Windows 8.1 operating system and it has noticed that several features have been implemented in this browser. Internet Explorer 11 has new F12 tool and it has WebGL with Hardware 3D support for supporting high graphics image on the Internet Explorer 11.

Internet Explorer 11 has fastest HTTP transport technique which makes the surfing faster than the previous versions. Internet Explorer 11 has released over 95 languages and it will be automatically get downloaded in your windows operating system by updating the windows. Internet Explorer 11 brings out the fastest surfing with enhanced security process.

Internet Explorer 11 is perfectly designed for touch screen and it includes various enhanced support for touch based controls. Internet Explorer 11 allows you to touch, drag and drop the elements present in the browsers. Internet Explorer 11 also allows you to pin the websites in the tool bar itself that enhances your reliability while surfing internet. Internet Explorer 11 integrates with the operating system very well and you can easily accelerate your searches with the Internet Explorer 11.

You can also synchronize your devices with the help of Internet Explorer 11; Internet Explorer 11synchronizes various devices and also you can import typed URLs, Settings and password from those devices very easily. Internet Explorer 11 let you to call to anyone from your pc by integrating with Skype and you can call in a single click from the Internet Explorer 11 to anyone across the globe.

The other features of Internet Explorer 11 are given as follows;

1. Internet Explorer 11 allows fastest browsing and you can easily surf any pages with the help of Internet Explorer 11. Internet Explorer 11 let you to prioritize the various levels of contents in the browser. Internet Explorer 11 provides faster preview even if you’re internet connection is too slow.

2. Fast and Fluid Navigation: Internet Explorer 11 brings out the faster and quicker navigation. With the help of the cache memory, Internet Explorer 11 easily brings out the recent pages by simply swiping the interface.

3. Hyperfast 2D and 3D animations: Internet Explorer 11 supports emerging Web Graphics Library which lights up the speed of the browsing and other performances. Internet Explorer 11 provides smoother flow of data in the network and gives you aesthetically pleasing look for your eyes.

 4. Responsiveness: Internet Explorer 11 brings out the responsiveness of the websites for all kind of screen sizes. Internet Explorer 11 supports gyroscope support which makes Internet Explorer 11 great for tablets and mobile phones too. Internet Explorer 11 supports side-by-side browsing and also it supports multi-monitor support for your personal computer. Internet Explorer 11 also supports high pixels per inch scaling and it looks fantastic in the larger screens. Internet Explorer 11 updated with several add-ons and its compatibility has improved when compared to its previous versions.

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