Tuesday 10 December 2013

AMD Plans Future Processor

Early next year , the company Advanced Micro Devices namely AMD will introduce next generation processors called Kaveri which are based on a microarchitecture Steamroller with fine engraving 28 nanometers. AMD is focused in the coming years APUs: "Kaveri" chips come in 2014, "Carrizo" models in 2015. The term APU means " Accelerated Processing Unit" . Special feature of them are the processors accommodate an integrated graphics solution.

 The fact that the market accepts the Combined chips, proved last Microsoft and Sony’s Playstation 4 and the Xbox One count of AMD APUs - both game consoles sold in the first few days over a million. In the coming years , AMD plans seem to expand its market share. The findings of a recently published roadmap that shows AMD's processor plans for the next few years.

Thus, following the current "Richland" APUs the "Kaveri" generation will Start from 2014 with improved chip architecture called "SteamrollerB". Also in terms of integrated graphics , there are new features , the advertising announcement "Next Gen AMD Radeon Graphic" suggests that it is the same architecture as the new AMD graphics cards. Functions such as "Mantle" and "True Audio" are likely to be available . A common memory controller for processor and graphics part is to speed up internal communication.

AMD continues to focus on the FM2 + socket. But that also means that there is still memory of the third generation will be used which is good for all upgraders. When AMD introduced the Even more uncertainty there is in the next- generation APU "Carrizo" . According Roadmap; AMD continues to use the current "Bolton" chipset. The maximum power dissipation is specified at 65 watts - certainly a result of the reduced to 20 nanometer manufacturing process. Depending on how the value is customizable.

One question remains , however: What happens to the processors without integrated graphics solution , such as the " Vishera " series for the AM3 + socket? Furthermore, the source provides information on the possible Carrizo successor. In connection with the code name "Basilisk " appear first rumors. One says that AMD Basilisk for a new processor socket with DDR4 support (presumably FM3) imagines.

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