Friday 6 December 2013

Google Play Music All Access now available for 7.99 EUR

Google Play Music All Access
Google has launched its music streaming service Google Play Music All Access also known as all-inclusive in Europe. As of now, anyone interested can test the service for 30 days. Those who complete a subscription to mid- January 2014, it sold for the bargain price of 7.99 € per month. Since May 2013, this is the music streaming service Google Play Music All Access in the U.S., now it is more than half a year later also available for other users of Europe.

Those interested can try the service for 30 days at no additional cost. Then all of the songs and albums from Google Music can be heard. Google Play Music All Access is else Google Play Music All- Inclusive and normally costs 9.99 Euros a month. Those who booked already for this service until 15 January 2014, then pay monthly only 7.99 Euro.

With Google Play Music All Access Google wants to offer a competitor to Spotify. The Swedish music service Spotify offers free, ad-supported streaming access to its library and the ability to purchase music for download. For a monthly fee 5 Euros there is a commercial-free music streaming, 10 Euro cost of the premium access can also be used without an existing internet connection on mobile devices with the music.

The service might be used on PCs or on an Android or iOS device. If a Smartphone or tablet used, then the service with Google Play Music All Access can be used. The matching apps are available for Android and iOS. Thus, no dropouts when streaming occurs, the songs can store and it can be play it again from the device memory.

According to information from Google Music has a range of 20 million tracks. At Google Music also includes server space for about 20,000 songs. These can be stored in the cloud and play it anywhere via streaming to manage your music collection in the cloud, but still be able to access it.

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