Friday 20 December 2013

Windows 8.2 Rumors: New Start Menu Back

Windows 8.2
Windows 8.2 gets the start menu back. The next major Windows update code-named "Threshold" to be completed in the spring of 2015 and put back more to the classic Windows. Unconfirmed, but very authentic, rumored to be the familiar Start menu should come back to facilitate the users to switch from Windows 7.

In addition to Metro style apps that do not run only in full screen mode, but can also be used on the desktop in a window. Whether the tile surface can be completely banish from a desktop PC at the request or the user can select when setting up his favorite surface is not fixed yet. Already an interim update for Windows 8.1 is intended to give the beginning of 2014 is planned.

Here, it is speculated, Microsoft could already integrate a mini- version of the start menu that provides access to the main functions. In future versions of Windows, Microsoft is supposed to take a three-pronged strategy that is "modern" look, which is to run on Smartphones and tablets, along with a classic desktop version and a version for commercial use.

The desktop version could then come along completely without Metro Painting, the business version, in contrast, offer a choice or operate both worlds parallel. To save development work and also to bring new releases to market faster, the three new versions of Windows is to share a kernel. Who uses Windows 8 or 8.1 and without the classic start menu cannot do, need not have to wait for the next version of Windows.

Already there are numerous tools that bring the classic start menu to the desktop, such as Shell or Classic Start Menu 8 Who else wants to try, since Metro style apps more fun in windowed mode, Modern Mix can use. But that is only free for 30 days. The revived with 8.1 start button leads to the controversial startup screen, which was introduced with Windows 8.

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