Friday 6 December 2013

Android 4.4.1 update released

Android 4.4.1 update released
Google has released Android 4.4.1. The update of the operating system includes a revamped camera and numerous detail improvements. Android 4.4.1 includes among others a new HDR tool for the camera app. About 50 megabytes of size is the update to Android 4.4.1. The biggest change is the revised camera app that delivers significantly better pictures. Photos are detailed and natural.

While the user interface has not changed much, the auto focus and white balance to work noticeably faster and the shutter lag falls shorter. The new HDR + tool to better cope with large contrast circumferences and recalls with a charging circuit in mind that several pictures are taken and you should keep your Smartphone or tablet quiet. In addition, Android 4.4.1 fits the Lockscreen of the Nexus 4 with clear navigation and status bar visually to the Nexus 5.

However, the Google Experience Launcher for your home screen remains the newer Smartphone reserved. Google has also corrected errors in support for Microsoft Exchange servers and the runtime environment ART further developed so that it is compatible with more apps. Google continues to focus on the brand Google+ and gathers under its roof, more and more products.

In Android 4.4.1; it apparently misses the upload link to Google's Picasa photo platform. Instead, we can upload your pictures instantly to Google+ Photos. Android 4.4.1 is available first for the owners of Nexus devices from Google again. In the U.S., the update is available on the Nexus 5; and is already on the system update as Over-The- Air Update (OTA). Impatient owner of a Nexus 4, Nexus 5 or Nexus 7 download and install yourself, but you must pay close attention to version numbers.

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