Monday 16 December 2013

Google Dart is going to be standardized

Google's Javascript alternative Darts should be standardized. The Ecma, which has already been standardized Javascript will also set a dart standard, now. 

 The standardization organization Ecma has called a technical committee TC52 which was set up to develop a standardized version of Google's Dart language scripts. Google Dart has developed as a potential replacement for JavaScript, thus making an important step towards this goal. 

After Dart appeared in mid-Novemberwith version 1.0, Darts is stable and mature enough to be standardized, writes Google developer Anders Sandholm in a blog entry. Google wants to include the standardization in the development of darts. 

However, no other major browser vendors has taken Dart. With respect to Google, Dart will continue to run natively in all browsers, thus replacing Javascript. So far there is only one special Chromium variant that supports Dart natively. 

However, Dart programs can be translated into Javascript and so already run in any modern browser. However, a Dart VM is added in the browser to increase the speed of the programs significantly.

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