Sunday 29 December 2013

How to Download Youtube Videos in their Original Format

Youtube videos can sometime be watched at offline mode by using intermediary software; by third party you can download videos form Youtube through a website. So they may not the original resolution. Is this a legal way for viewing a video. The Third Party usually breaks the terms and condition of Youtube. Till date there has been no way to download the Youtube videos in their original format that they have uploaded.

Youtube videos can also be watched offline with some third party software. Websites offers you to download many videos of Youtube, but these are not going to be as the original version of Youtube. But for those who are not willing about quality or resolution you can surely download from the intermediary. Surely this intermediary will crack the terms and conditions of Youtube.

So you may be feed up how to download Original resolution of Youtube. Earlier Youtube allows downloading that to the transformed version of video that you uploaded. That was also allowed only till September 26. That to with some terms and condition only they were allowed to download. They condition was only two videos can be downloaded from the Youtube Channel.

So from your own Youtube channel you can download video in a transformed way through edit button. That is Youtube Video manager will download as individual videos. The format you could download is MP4. MP4 is most easily download able format to get your own videos. Actually this MP4 format is only a legal way of downloading video. Here both offline and online video are available. The limitation given to this is that original 1080p HD version will not be given to download.

At last you have to make yourself happy here is a way to download original version of Youtube videos. This much time we have discussed about how to download in an illegal way, now it is time to go in for a legal way of download.

Download Youtube videos in Original Resolution:

• Do you have account in Google Takeout? If not so create with your present and valid Gmail ID. This is because you have sign in with the same email ID to create Youtube channel.

• Once you have created you will find a TakeOut screen, almost at the bottom of the screen. Thatwill be filled up with red Rectangular “Create Archive” button.

• Next to that Google will create a packed in (.zip). Archive with the videos that you have uploaded in Youtube channel. • On completion of the archive formation with 100%, next step is go to ‘download’ option and get all the files that you required.

• At this stage of downloading you have to make a note that your archived video doesn’t exceed 2GB of data. If so it will by design split up into compactable mode.

Your process is not completely over.This process is going to have a restriction. If you are interested in downloading your high resolution video it is not possible. You will have to download the full archive that is not completely possible. Since the service provided by Google is new, they have to fix this issue in the mere future so that user will able to download the high resolution video.

Hope so you have a clear idea to download Youtube videos in a legal manner.

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