Tuesday 31 December 2013

How to Use One Email Address with Multiple Twitter Account

People usually wonder how to use one email Id with multiple twitter account. On sign up with twitter account it ask for a conformation Email, if they exist already then it demands for a different Email to sign up. Have you ever tried once again to make up with same email address? As you have come to this page you will surely gain some knowledge on regarding how to create a multiple Twitter account with same email address. Try out the methods given further to get implement.

Link Multiple Twitter with One Email

A simple go through will let you use the same Email address with many Twitter accounts, the only specification is that you have to use a Gmail or Google App’s Email address.

Have you ever tried Gmail Address with dot(.) . Gmail address can be middle up with dots(.) to email address anywhere. For illustration take your mail techinfo@gmail.com, you can rename the same as tech.info@gmail.com . This is possible for the reason that doesn’t consider periods in middle and makes reach of your mail.

And you have already noticed how to use multiple twitter account with same Email address. Twitter will consider a techinfo@gmail.com and tech.info@gmail.com as two separate email address and accepts the account as valid.

Also an important note associated with this is to enable catch-all option in Domain settings to use email assumed name intimated Google Apps. So in order to up with these many restrictions you can use free Gmail address for Twitter.

Let’s go in for Another Workaround. 

Have you ever noticed that on logging into Gmail account you usually get another valid email address that uses googlemail.com domain. This isn’t a good idea for creating multiple Twitter account with same email address. For one Twitter account use gmail.com address and for anther Twitter you can use googlemail.com. Twitter consider this as a different address and grant you to access for creating an new account.

Nature of Twitter Account

So now you will have a clear idea to create a multiple twitter account with same address. Twitter initially on entering an email address checks out whether email address is valid or not. If it is confirmed that email address is valid, next step to that is checks whether the email is already exist or not. If so then it will warn you enter a different address. Advantage of Gmail is that it won’t consider periods while creating email and twitter will consider them as different email address. So you can deal with periods such as mentioned earlier dots(.), plus(+) and a little more. Now you have use this email as hello@gmail.com as he.ll.o@gmail.com and hel+lo@gmail.com and many different ways as you wish which will result a notification to hello@gmail.com. Hence as mentioned earlier you would have surely got a better idea to create multiple Twitter accounts with same email address. Try it out and make as many followers as you can in your account.

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