Monday 9 December 2013

Revolutionary Airless Tires

Airless Tires 1

Airless Tires 2

Airless Tires 3
Is it was possible to eradicate the risk of puncture on your car tyre? It is the mission not impossible as that, a Japanese brand has launched its futuristic project tire without air. The focus of the Japanese tire manufacturer Bridgestone, develop without air tires are not new. Indeed, the Japanese brand had already shown in 2011 with a first prototype which was, however, it was considered too small and unusable.

Never mind , Bridgestone took the 2013 edition of Salon of Japanese automaker, the Tokyo Motor Show to present the new version of its airless tire. The brand has learned from his previous "failure", with a larger diameter tire and able to withstand higher loads. However, do not bother to fantasize too much, as this new model can not achieve a speed greater than 65km/h.

Soon your car will run with this kind of revolutionary tires, but there is much to suggest that researchers Bridgestone will continue to work hard in order to achieve a viable and marketable solution. So there is a possibility that one day we will no longer have to check the pressure of our tires. Bridgestone Japanese brand has just completed a major step for the automotive industry!

Although the new model airless tire does not yet have the characteristics required for the mass production, this project is very encouraging. Every one dreaming of being able to equip their vehicles with these revolutionary tires one day. Soon you are going to drive a car equipped with pneumatic airless tyre.

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