Monday 30 December 2013

Release of the first transparent touch pad Grippity

The Grippity; the first transparent touch pad has been unveiled. It is a new innovation in the market for touch pads. It also has a touch panel on both sides. Basically Grippity is basically a Keyboard that served as Media Center.

It is in prototype stage and it is getting a beautiful shape out of the imagination of the designer. They are planning to start the production in the forthcoming months once the project gets the proper fund from the Crowdfunding.

According to the designers it have multi touch screen on both sides and this will solve many hurdles faced in usual touch screen tablets. The tablet is transparent, due to its transparency it can be kept in neutral position on hand to fight against the problems related to carpal tunnel.

According to the designers the transparency allows the user to see the TV programmes with the tablet facing your eyes. Its internal storage is of 4GB and chip ARM Cortex A8 based on a battery life of 3 hours with continuous use. Its screen may well be semi- transparent, the 7 inch 800x480 LCD display and the Grippity could run on Android KitKat. It costs around 235 dollars.

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