Tuesday 31 December 2013

Four Hound Solutions One of The Best Value Added Engineering Services

Four Hound Solutions

A basic fact about manufacturing is that, if you are manufacturing, you are also testing. Testing throughout the process of manufacturing is a vital component of every product or process.

Four Hound Solutions is experienced at producing technical test systems that respond to their customer's requirements while taking into consideration the ultimate costs of those testing systems. Once they deliver a design for testing, technical personnel provide support for the design and train your staff to maintain, operate, and apply the testing solutions.

Many testing companies perform the design of testing solutions by using proprietary software. They use open source software. This allows you to receive a complete documentation package with your design to allow the system to become an extension of your own engineering. You can choose any major software platform along with any test executive, language, database program, and software vendor. This allows your test and production staff to work in familiar programs, languages, and software environments. It is not necessary for your IT departments to adjust to unfamiliar material, nor is it necessary to redo your entire software environment to fit the testing environment.

A wide variety of services is offered to customers:

Test systems

Engineering and test program set design

Software application programming

Development of instrument drivers

Design and fabrication of test fixtures

Testability review design

Plan preparation for product test strategy

Expert engineering teams use leading edge CAD development software, using 2-D, 3-D, IGES, DWG, and DXF formats. The individuals hired by Four Hound have experience in the testing field to bring to your solutions. Each of them has a variety of experiences in testing that they bring to Four Hounds.

Be sure to collaborate with Four Hound early in the development cycle to allow them to determine critical issues such as how the product will be tested during production. This collaboration considers cost, volume production rates, both electrical and optical interfaces, thermal analysis, RF performance, interactions with operators, as well as reliability and repeatability of connections. Being available at the beginning of the process facilitates the interaction of the process. You will be pleased with the interactions of their staff in achieving the desired results for your testing goals. They are innovative and imaginative, enjoying the challenge of new testing and environments.

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