Saturday 21 December 2013

4 Things to look for when buying a Printer

Having a thought of buying a new printer? So let me cut to the chase and give you some tips about buying one.

First let’s get a rough idea about printer and its cost and types.

1. Inkjet: 

Most commonly used and they cost only a dime a dozen. Most of the people are interested in ink-jet as they are suitable for most of the works. Additional features can be performed such as coping, scanning and also Fax.

2. Laser: 

If you need speed and the best high quality image then my suggestion would be laser printers. Cost of tem is quite high when compared to Ink-jets.

3. All-in-one 

These types of printers provide you to work simultaneous works such as scan, copy and fax at once. However the feature of these kinds of printers has been upgraded to the current trends.

4. Wireless: 

These are the current generation printers where printers can be accessed and operated from your smart-phones and tablets.

5. Home/Office Printers: 

These printers can withstand heavy loads and are often used for printing texts alone. Their speed is high but the features compared to other are less.

So now you are ready to choose the type of printer and so let’s come to the 4 features that are most important when you’re buying the printers. 


Modern printers have Wi-Fi supports and some even mail you the print your e-mails. They also have USB compatibility which adds a feather to its cap.

So these printers can work for Windows 98/XP/7 and Mac8.1 and higher versions.

Choose the most updated and current trendy kind of printers so that might make things easy for you to work with.


Resolution also known as DPI (Dots per Inch) gives you the space between the two dots in a printer. Resolution is a fundamental factor when it comes in buying a printer. Higher the resolution better will be its performance.


Speed is another basic need. You wouldn’t wait for hours to print 5 pages. Would you? The volume of print-out i.e. (pages per minute) is an essential factor to be considered if you’re printing a large number of data.

Of course the speeds of the current printer are good but make a comparison study and see what’s best for you.

Ink and Toners: 

Cheap toners cause streaky and blotchy and faded prints. The quality of printers mainly depends on the Ink and Toner selection.

In case of replacement of these Toners, Counterfeit Toners might weaken your printers. And sometimes it can leak and spoil all the papers and causes a jam during printing. Also disposal of these Toner Cartridges are Hazardous.

It’s advisable to use only original company Toners such as HP Toners to preserve the nature and quality of printers and your prints too.

Hope you’ve got what you want. Now off you go and get the printer of your need. Make sure you have selected the best printer by comparing the various things which are given in the above paragraphs.

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