Sunday 8 December 2013

Are you interested in buying a laptop?

buying a laptop

Getting Bored and confused from all the advices that you’ve heard till now?

Buying a laptop is not a simple process of “buying a fruit”.

I’m not here to present you the names of the best laptop manufacturers. After all every laptop have its own pros and cons. Here are some steps that clear off the fog from your head so that you can get a clear idea. So kindly go through all the stuffs which are given below before buying a laptop and the main criteria are as follows;

1.Estimate your need and budget

First estimate your need. Why are you interested in buying a laptop? Is it because everyone around you has one? Or is it you want it badly to replace with your PC? It might be anything. Fix your budget accordingly.

2.A quick peek in reviews

Drastic times call for drastic measures. If you badly need a laptop then you must also take your own interest in knowing about the laptop.

Go through websites where you get information about all kind of laptops. Go through the reviews of each company. Persons who have already bought laptops would’ve posted regarding the complaints or problems/issues faced by them or their feedback.

Compare the performances of different laptops and choose accordingly to your needs.

3.Types of Laps

I’ve listed some laps based on needs and the various purposes. For example,suppose if you are a person who travels with lotsof light weight and in such cases, portable laptops are comfortable to use.

Net-book: Low budgeted, Long battery life, No CD drives and they are used for students.

Ultra thin: Field works and other mobile purposes.

Thin and Light: Occasional travel purpose. Satisfactory features.

All purpose laptops: Better computational facility. Better displays and graphics. Low battery life.
Desktop replacements: High computational capacity, Low battery life and has excellent display and resolution.

Tabs: Suited best for Artists and field works.


Then look onto the basic features provided by all the companies. For example USB attachments and CD drives are the most basic features in all laptops. Get to know the laptop better before buying. Know to its core.

5.Additional features

Get a dry run before buying a laptop.

Look for additional features such as web camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth facilities, memory card readers. 4GB RAMs are preferable. If you need a lot of storage space then 500GB laptops are the minimum requirements for you.

Some companies might give you warranty offers that might put you to interest. Also look for the nearest service centers and enquire them regarding the services offered by them.

I think after this you might have a clear idea. If so browse for the reviews and details and choose wise.

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