Tuesday 17 December 2013

Steam OS Beta available for download

Steam OS
Valve released the first beta version of the operating system's own Steam OS and reveals the conditions that should satisfy your computer for it. The first beta version of Steam OS is available for free from now on for anyone who interested. While Sony and Microsoft have heralded with great fanfare of their next generation of consoles, Valve developer start their quite OS slowly, and without much attention his own revolution of gaming.

The first prototypes of the Steam Machine have reached their tester and the associated Steam OS is now available for anyone in a beta version now. If you are interested in Valve’s Steam OS then you should consider few things before download. On installation of Steam OS on your old PC may erase the entire hard drive so better you should only use a fresh computer or back up all important data before on an external memory.

 The PC used should have a 64- bit processor from Intel or AMD, and four gigabytes of memory on board. The built-in hard disk must hold at least 500 gigabytes. The installation consists Valve requires a USB port and support UEFI. UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) is an interface between firmware, PC components and operating system and replaced on many 64 -bit computers the BIOS. Also the other important thing is; this current version Steam OS only works on computers with Nvidia graphics card.

Steam OS 1.0 is dubbed "the Alchemist" and is based on the Linux distribution Debian “Wheezy “. Accordingly, the use of Windows applications is excluded. In addition to Steam and Steam games use Valve loud and many Linux applications on Steam OS when needed. In their Steam website, the developer provides detailed instructions for installation.

However, you should have some basic knowledge of PC systems to pounce with joy in the beta test. Even the installation of Steam OS becomes quite complicated - probably only gamers with a penchant for tinkering and computer technology should make them.

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