Thursday 19 December 2013

Upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 features exposed

Windows Phone 8.1
With Windows Phone 8 Microsoft is trying to defy the competition of Android and iOS and also to take in the Smartphone market back. By April 2014, the first major win- Phone update is expected. Windows Phone 8.1 is ready to appear with a voice control named Cortana.

While Microsoft 8.1 has rolled out the first major update for PC and tablet users with Windows in October 2013, but the Smartphone owners still waiting for their turn and this is the worst blunder; the manufacturer has indeed been turned off with the three updates( GDR1 , GDR2 and GDR3 ).

 The big jump to 8.1 is yet to happen. According to various reports - including from Microsoft's Mary Jo Foley connoisseur - Microsoft provides the Blue update for Windows Phone before San Francisco developers conference which is going to happen in April. According to a report Microsoft’s Windows Phone will have voice control with the name "Cortana" and is a part of the next major Windows Phone update (version 8.1).

Microsoft’s TellMe service that specializes in telephone voice control serves is the basis to this voice control service. Another option offered Microsoft is the Notification Central which will displays new emails, missed calls and others.

A now been submerged Screenshot confirms the rumor that Microsoft is working on a similar function for Windows Phone 8.1. Also, a screenshot indicates that Microsoft integrates a multiple selection. It could mean setting of folders to organize the many tiles on the home screen.

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