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Monday, 5 January 2015

Microsoft Reveals Shocking Windows Phone Usage Statistics

Windows phone has been in circulation for quite some time but it didn’t get as much popularity as the Android based smartphones. But the monthly mobile usage statistics uncovered by the Washington based research company namely Redmond points out some amazing trends and truths of widows phone. It has been widely known that Microsoft had so far concentrated on building high-end devices for the consumers which still finds itself lagging behind Android based phones due to variety of reasons. Windows phones mainly suffered from low RAM, not so friendly user interface and expensive pricing but usage statistics reveals never known brighter sides.

Higher Percentage of Apps Downloads

Microsoft had stated that about 71% of the downloaded apps were initialized from its low memory Lumia devices in the recent past. The most popular Lumia phone does so is the Nokia Lumia 520 which offers just 512 of RAM to the consumers.

Even the Redmond statistics claims that judging on the basis of the top ten popular devices which tends to download apps aggressively has a surprising seven different models of Windows phone in the kitty. Further these different models have low memory and RAM issues as well. On the basis of this remarkable fact Microsoft had decided to take constructive efforts to build apps which fulfil the requirement within this particular range of popular Windows phones.

Microsoft Soon To Bring More Apps For Lumia Devices

Microsoft has stated taking the initial steps for generating more user friendly apps for its phones. It has made some agreements with the Windows based app developers to build distinct apps in order to grab the potential apps market with authority. It has taken decision to enlarge its circle of active apps zone within the low on memory devices. In the recent times apps market has become a major revenue generators for Apple with its App Store and Google with its Play Store. Microsoft also provides its users with a Windows Phone Store which allows the users to download apps which are applicable for its OS.

Microsoft To Enhance Its Game Apps

Alongside the mobile apps Microsoft is also working towards developing more games which can run efficiently on the low memory devices. It has been that the high end devices lags behind the entry or budget level phones in terms of generating the more number of games downloads. It is logical that the Microsoft is aiming at proving better game apps for its devices to move forward its users to the high-end games as well get better sales volume with low-end games.

Microsoft Is Concerned About Popularity Not The Revenue

Contrary to the perception Microsoft is strengthening its apps zone not for the ‘aggressive revenue’ but for making its devices much more popular among the consumers and others alike. But the pricing of the in-app purchase shows a different outlook. Most of the in-app purchases includes a decent price tags of $4.99, $9.99 and $19.99 which couldn’t be justified as low price at all. However regardless of high price point it is Windows users who are going to benefit from wide range of low-end apps which could run like charm on their low ram devices.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Adobe Photoshop Express For Windows phones

Photoshop Express Windows phones
The Adobe Photoshop Express Provides a Well-assorted Dish for Perfect Photo Editing on a Touch Enabled Phone
In my books, widows is one of the fastest growing app markets and has been one of the most innovative app developers. When windows made its re-entry into the mobile operating system market, they were mostly trying to implement most of its PC software concepts into the mobile frame-ware. Windows mobile interface was a classy reflection of smart technology and the functioning of its apps were made simple to accomplish its user-friendly approach. It was a challenging task for windows app developers to bring the easy handling software systems into touch screen mobiles and the biggest problem rose with the handling as the controls and user procedure is far more different in mobile than in a PC.

The Adobe Photoshop Express is an incentive for the already well-featured Windows phones.
Adobe Photoshop Express, which is actually a simple photo editing software, designed by Adobe. Adobe is one of the most esteemed software development companies. Adobe Photoshop express is available for all the major mobile operating systems like Android, IOS etc. The Adobe Photoshop for Windows is very similar to the same for all other mobile interface. This app for the Windows phones provides us with an array of useful photo editing tools, which makes photo editing an easy task as the effects of these tools on the picture are precise.

A simple yet sophisticated solution to photo editing in touch phones.
Though Windows phones come with their own set of picture editing tools, their features are hardly of this level. They are mainly for creating collages or flumping filters on the pictures you have on your phone. When you are looking for some high-level photo editing option, you should avail the best option that Windows provide, which is the Adobe Photoshop Express. This is one of the high-powered photos editing software, recently designed for the Windows 8, but a new variant was dedicated for the windows mobile version.

A guide to a new level of photo editing on Windows phones
This is actually a very lightweight, touch enabled toll oriented editing application for both windows phones and tablets. You will find the Photoshop Express as a small sized app embedded in the Windows app store and the total size of this file is as small as 8.4MB. When you are opening the application for the first time after installing, it guides you through a tutorial, entitled as the “Getting Started”. This is a very helpful video, as it points to all the specifications of basic usage. The best thing about this app is that in no time you will get used to the tools.

One of the most common tools present in Adobe Photoshop Express, which goes in common with other picture editing software, is the redeye correction tool which removes red eye from the picture. The cropping and straightening tool is very useful as it helps you straighten your picture on a margin, which is a common error when images are taken by phone cameras. It offers an in-app purchase of $2.99, which unlocks some amazing effects and other editing tools.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Microsoft Plans Language Assistant Cortana For Windows Phone!

Microsoft wants Windows Phone 8.1 to install a language assistant who carries the name Cortana in it. It is said that it is similar to Siri on iPhones and Google Now on Android Smartphones. With the update to Windows Phone 8.1 Smartphones get with Microsoft's mobile operating system a language assistant that is designed to provide the functions of Siri and Google Now, The Verge has learned from people who are familiar with Microsoft's plans.

The designation is based on the computer game series Halo, in which there is the AI Cortana character. On Windows Phone Cortana is only an animated icon and not a female character as in the Halo games. The approach of Cortana is a similar virtual personality as with Apple's Siri. Moreover Cortana collects data from Bing, Foursquare and other services in order to offer comparable performance to Google Now.

The user will thus find all relevant information in Cortana to simplify his use of Smartphones. A sub- function of Cortana is called notebook and is used to control the data flow with matching privacy settings. The user should therefore be set in the notebook, which data sources may use Cortana. So Cortana can on location information, personal data, reminders and contact access. In addition, the function can monitor the user behavior and show based on that information or make suggestions.

Depending on the chosen notebook settings to the Windows Phone Assistant noted the information in question. The user should edit later stored within the notebook information or delete, so that a privacy setting in the base can be changed at any time later. Moreover Cortana can be used to remove the user tasks. For example, if a message comes is asking in for a meeting at 19:00 clock, offers the wizard to create a matching calendar entry.

In addition, a Do Not Disturb mode is scheduled to appear in the notifications. The user may specify a specific user group, which is not affected by the Do Not Disturb mode. News of these individuals appointment would then continue to appear. It is expected that a first preliminary version of the update version will be come to the market only at the beginning of April 2014 is shown at Microsoft's Build conference. When Smartphone owners will get the update is still not known.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Archos plans to launch a Windows Phone!

The main problem for lesser models of Windows Phone is the lack of manufactures. They are reluctant because of the overwhelming dominance of Nokia in this segment; Nokia is having more than 90 % market share.

Archos Windows Phone
However, the steady increase in sales of Windows Phone (Windows Phone 9.5 million were sold in the third quarter last against 3.7 million a year earlier) begins to give some value to looking to get out of their addiction to Android. This is the case of Sony, Samsung or ZTE.

The French Archos could also be part of it. The manufacturers, who focuses on Smartphones are, opened the door to windows phones now. "We will launch a Windows Phone device when the time comes," said Loic Poirier, CEO of Archos. Archos interest confirms the growing interest of manufacturers for the windows platform.

Their interest could amplify change in business model soon. Because Microsoft might abandon the system unit license in favor of outright free similar to Android. This is what The Verge reports that this strategy would be driven by Terry Meyerson, head of the Windows division to better compete with Android.

 The transition to free licenses for Windows RT and Windows Phone will be introduce soon and the loss of income could then be painful but remember that Microsoft is raking in hundreds of millions of dollars with royalties that key manufacturers of certain patents used by Android.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Nokia Lumia 929 windows Phone Details Surfaced!

Nokia Lumia 929
Earlier rumors aired about Nokia's first five-inch super phone Lumia 929 to Mobile World Congress come the end of February in Abu Dhabi. The U.S. journalist Evan Blass has leaked photos of the Nokia Lumia 929 via his Twitter account.

The Nokia Lumia 929 is a high-end model, according to the Finns rumors developed for the U.S. mobile service provider Verizon. Now, the U.S. provider has accidentally confirmed the rumor hence U.S. bloggers stumbled in the online store of Verizon about the new Lumia, the cost of Lumia 929 will be around 777 dollars and will be available in black and white there in a very short time .

When Chinese traders Tao Bao stumbled, the Lumia 929 is supposed to be available already in a gray market. With the Lumia 929, Nokia would bring a device for the first time what is similar to the Samsung Galaxy S4 which has a five-inch display. This closes the gap between the smaller Lumia 925 and the giant Phablet 1520.

A similar variant for Europe is to be expected, such as the Lumia 935. Technically, the Lumia 929 is largely a more manageable version of the giant - Phablet Lumia 1520, currently which is one of the best Windows Phone Smartphone available in the market. The most important difference is that the new Lumia 929 is with its five-inch screen much easier to handle than the six-inch Phablet.

Like the Lumia 1520; Lumia 929 is coming with fast quad-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 with 2.2 GHz. The new Lumia would be significantly faster than the current Lumias in terms of the graphics performance and is expected to quadruple as the Lumia a1520. The operating system is Windows Phone 8 and it is used in the current version GDR3 with any extension of Nokia's Lumia Black firmware. Wireless Charging with Qi -compatible charging cradle is possible; NFC, Bluetooth 4.0 and improved microphone technique (three or more microphones) are installed.

Important difference with Lumia 1520 is that its memory is not expandable supposedly, but 32 GB could be installed. The five-inch screen comes with a Full HD resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, while the Lumia 925 has only 1280x768 pixels. Tension remains the question of whether the new technology is installed for better readability in direct sunlight. The 20 megapixel camera is expected to resemble the Pure View camera with which the Lumia 1520 has.

In this case, the phone uses the high resolution of the sensor in order to optimize image quality for smaller variants of the five-megapixel photos. Flash replacement has done to serve a dual LED light. The Lumia 929 could be seen at the Mobile World Congress in late February as the last Windows phone under the brand name Nokia before Microsoft complete the acquisition of Nokia's mobile phone division. With the Lumia 929, Nokia and Microsoft could introduce a Windows Superphone the latest technology generation on the wireless trade show in Barcelona last, the much handier than the size of its technical model Lumia 1520. We can only hope that the version for the European market comes similar to that of Lumia 935 in the color range in the market.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 features exposed

Windows Phone 8.1
With Windows Phone 8 Microsoft is trying to defy the competition of Android and iOS and also to take in the Smartphone market back. By April 2014, the first major win- Phone update is expected. Windows Phone 8.1 is ready to appear with a voice control named Cortana.

While Microsoft 8.1 has rolled out the first major update for PC and tablet users with Windows in October 2013, but the Smartphone owners still waiting for their turn and this is the worst blunder; the manufacturer has indeed been turned off with the three updates( GDR1 , GDR2 and GDR3 ).

 The big jump to 8.1 is yet to happen. According to various reports - including from Microsoft's Mary Jo Foley connoisseur - Microsoft provides the Blue update for Windows Phone before San Francisco developers conference which is going to happen in April. According to a report Microsoft’s Windows Phone will have voice control with the name "Cortana" and is a part of the next major Windows Phone update (version 8.1).

Microsoft’s TellMe service that specializes in telephone voice control serves is the basis to this voice control service. Another option offered Microsoft is the Notification Central which will displays new emails, missed calls and others.

A now been submerged Screenshot confirms the rumor that Microsoft is working on a similar function for Windows Phone 8.1. Also, a screenshot indicates that Microsoft integrates a multiple selection. It could mean setting of folders to organize the many tiles on the home screen.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Official Facebook app for Windows 8 and Windows Phone now available

Facebook Apps
Microsoft has announced it will now be possible for Windows application developers to integrate a Facebook authentication module with a positive sign given to the developers, It does not look like much, yet the news is a huge opening on the part of Microsoft, which has announced that in the future sign, developers can make the choice to integrate a module to Facebook iD in their applications to Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 .

A partnership has been reached with the social network to enable users of Microsoft solutions more easily identify with various applications in order to better share their actions on the network, but also to avoid multiple registration process . A facility that can attract users, but also allows developers to avoid having to manage accounts and personal data with the utmost care and security that entails.

On the other hand, Microsoft could lose as it has been several years that the company seeks to bring its users under the control of a “Microsoft " has become possible for all of its services, but also to access software and brand partners sites. Implemented from today, the module will fit in the days that come in a variety of applications including Foursquare, Photoshop Express, iHeartRadio and many others.

 Requested for several years by developers, Microsoft would have eventually folded. The side of the publishers, the benefits should be felt quickly, users are more clapboard to use their applications if they are able to interact with their Facebook account.

Eventually, Microsoft could also win out because the door open could allow it to retrieve new publishers and new applications so far refused to settle on its various platforms.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Nokia Unveils a New Windows Phone on July 11

Nokia has sent out invitations to a press conference that promises "zoom reinvented." It could be a Smartphone with the 41 megapixel PureView technology. After a surprise with the 808 PureView equipped with a 41 megapixel camera sensor, Nokia stated that this technology would be adapted to the range of its Lumia Windows Phone. Though the most recent models, such as Lumia 920, 925 and 928 are labeled PureView, there is still no 41 megapixel horizon. The wait could end on July 11 at the press conference in New York. The invitation to the press yesterday by Nokia mentions a "reinvented zoom" that portends a new model for the gifted picture. Perhaps this may be the Nokia "EOS" including images appeared last week. They reveal Lumia reflecting the design of the 920 and whose back bears a prominent picture module where we see two LED and Xenon flash. Anyway Nokia, which has always been the best picture quality of Smartphones one of its distinctive arguments must react while Samsung will hunt on his land with the Galaxy S4 Zoom, be released in July.