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Tuesday 22 July 2014

Adobe Photoshop Express For Windows phones

Photoshop Express Windows phones
The Adobe Photoshop Express Provides a Well-assorted Dish for Perfect Photo Editing on a Touch Enabled Phone
In my books, widows is one of the fastest growing app markets and has been one of the most innovative app developers. When windows made its re-entry into the mobile operating system market, they were mostly trying to implement most of its PC software concepts into the mobile frame-ware. Windows mobile interface was a classy reflection of smart technology and the functioning of its apps were made simple to accomplish its user-friendly approach. It was a challenging task for windows app developers to bring the easy handling software systems into touch screen mobiles and the biggest problem rose with the handling as the controls and user procedure is far more different in mobile than in a PC.

The Adobe Photoshop Express is an incentive for the already well-featured Windows phones.
Adobe Photoshop Express, which is actually a simple photo editing software, designed by Adobe. Adobe is one of the most esteemed software development companies. Adobe Photoshop express is available for all the major mobile operating systems like Android, IOS etc. The Adobe Photoshop for Windows is very similar to the same for all other mobile interface. This app for the Windows phones provides us with an array of useful photo editing tools, which makes photo editing an easy task as the effects of these tools on the picture are precise.

A simple yet sophisticated solution to photo editing in touch phones.
Though Windows phones come with their own set of picture editing tools, their features are hardly of this level. They are mainly for creating collages or flumping filters on the pictures you have on your phone. When you are looking for some high-level photo editing option, you should avail the best option that Windows provide, which is the Adobe Photoshop Express. This is one of the high-powered photos editing software, recently designed for the Windows 8, but a new variant was dedicated for the windows mobile version.

A guide to a new level of photo editing on Windows phones
This is actually a very lightweight, touch enabled toll oriented editing application for both windows phones and tablets. You will find the Photoshop Express as a small sized app embedded in the Windows app store and the total size of this file is as small as 8.4MB. When you are opening the application for the first time after installing, it guides you through a tutorial, entitled as the “Getting Started”. This is a very helpful video, as it points to all the specifications of basic usage. The best thing about this app is that in no time you will get used to the tools.

One of the most common tools present in Adobe Photoshop Express, which goes in common with other picture editing software, is the redeye correction tool which removes red eye from the picture. The cropping and straightening tool is very useful as it helps you straighten your picture on a margin, which is a common error when images are taken by phone cameras. It offers an in-app purchase of $2.99, which unlocks some amazing effects and other editing tools.