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Friday, 9 June 2017

New Nokia 3310 UK Release Date is Here!

The relaunch of legendary Nokia 3310 took the world by surprise when the Finnish company announced its release date in Barcelona. The news made fans rejoice and took us back to the early 2000 when it was first launched. It was ahead of it's time and was termed as unbreakable due to it's hardy design. The announcement came as a shock as people wondered that whether the re imagined model would work in the modern times of smartphones and tablets. However, the company is banking upon the nostalgia factor and is positive that it will have its respective buyers from all over the world.

With the tagline of " modern classic reimagined" the developed model of the new Nokia 3310 has been improved and customized slightly from the previous handset retaining the trademark features with some added new attributes.

Back in the time, this model was famous for being "unbreakable “, having an extended battery life about two weeks and the world was introduced to the mind puzzling Snake game. People didn't care about carrying a charger every time while going out. Lighter than the old model, the new phone retains the original shape like that of a brick and is sturdy as well.

However to cope with the present time, it comes with new added characteristics like the camera. It has a 2MP back camera with a LED flash which can also be utilized as a torch. The phone lacks front camera, an important aspect of the smartphone. The options of self-timer and different image modes are available to choose from in this version.

The 2.4" curved out screen ropes in the users for a better reading experience. Unlike the smartphones there is an absence of high resolution as this handset comes with a resolution of 240*320 pixels. It also comes with a 3.5 mm jack and an internal inbuilt memory of 16 mb which can be extended up to 32 gb through the micro SD card. It may be disappointing for the users so use of the memory card slot is must. The Opera browser and the Opera mobile store is pre-installed which includes important applications like the calculator, calendar, weather etc.

It has the additional features of Bluetooth, text message, 22 hour talktime, standby time for about a month, micro USB port, Nokia series 30+ operating system and 2.5G network. The model is available in both single sim and duel sim variant with a removable battery. Users can have their handsets from the several color options like the glossy warm red and yellow or the matte finish grey and dark blue.

Nokia 3310 does have some drawbacks as it doesn't support Java applications. There is availability of a music streaming device, no navigation application. The screen tends to be scratched easily.

The phone is ready to hit the stores on 24 May will cost much less than the original. It would be available to all major retailers and operators. According to one of the major retailer, the demand for the retrophone is astonishing and fans are waiting eagerly for it. There has been a rush in signing up to get hold of the Nostalgic 3310 for its long battery life, hardiness and pure nostalgia.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Nokia Lumia 930 is on the way

Nokia Lumia 930
Nokia brings the small version of the Lumia 1520 on the international market - under the name Lumia 930. The Lumia 930 could resemble the American Lumia Icon. The Lumia 930 comes with 5- inch display, Snapdragon 800 and Pure View camera; these are the details available so far.

Nokia has presented at Microsoft's Build developer conference in 2014, a new Top Smartphone with Windows Phone. The Lumia 930 is the international version recently introduced in the U.S. as Lumia icon and a smaller version of the 6- inch model Lumia 1520.

The hardware specifications and other specifications are almost identical. The display of the Lumia 930 is 5 inches tall and has a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. Inside, a Snapdragon -800 quad -core processor operates at a clock rate of 2.2 GHz. The RAM is 2 GB of size, the built-in flash memory of 32 GB. Slot for memory cards are not exist.

 In addition to quad-band GSM and UMTS, the Lumia 930 supports LTE on the frequency bands 1, 3, 7, 8, and 20 Wireless dominates the Smartphone after 802.11a/b/g/n and ac, Bluetooth runs in version 4.0. A GPS module and a NFC chip are in built.

The Lumia 930 can be charged wirelessly without tools, the necessary Qi technology is inside the housing. On the back a 20- megapixel camera with PureView technology is installed as in the Lumia 1520. This allows a clearer zooming than traditional Smartphones.

The six-element optics from Carl Zeiss, an image stabilizer is installed. The Lumia 930 has two flash lights for optimum illumination of the subject. It should come on the market with the new Windows Phone 8.1 and will be available in the second quarter of 2014 in other parts of Europe. The price will be 580 Euros.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

‘Normandy’ Nokia's First Android Smartphone

Nokia will show its first Android phone Normandy at Mobile World Congress, according to The Wall Street Journal. It will be the part of the low-end and will feature a modified version of Android. The rumored Nokia phone based on Android will be released at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, according to sources consulted by The Wall Street Journal.

It discloses more and said that Nokia's decision to market an Android based device is purely due to technical reasons such as the Microsoft operating system is not yet adapted to the low-end terminals. Thus, we can expect this Smartphone code named as Normandy comes with a very ambitious spec sheet, as pointed out.

Chinese Weibo website revealed the screen shots of the 4 inch Smartphone with a 5 megapixel camera, with a Qualcomm processor that can support two Sim cards. According to The Wall Street Journal, it will have the services provided by Nokia and Microsoft, as the application of streaming music and navigation MixRadio etc, as well as Nokia's application store.

 The information published by The Wall Street Journal gives greater credibility to the voices that say the Finnish firm goes ahead with the development of a terminal with Android. A project in which the company has been working since before Microsoft acquired the devices and services division of the company for more than 5,400 million Euros last September.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Nokia Lumia 929 windows Phone Details Surfaced!

Nokia Lumia 929
Earlier rumors aired about Nokia's first five-inch super phone Lumia 929 to Mobile World Congress come the end of February in Abu Dhabi. The U.S. journalist Evan Blass has leaked photos of the Nokia Lumia 929 via his Twitter account.

The Nokia Lumia 929 is a high-end model, according to the Finns rumors developed for the U.S. mobile service provider Verizon. Now, the U.S. provider has accidentally confirmed the rumor hence U.S. bloggers stumbled in the online store of Verizon about the new Lumia, the cost of Lumia 929 will be around 777 dollars and will be available in black and white there in a very short time .

When Chinese traders Tao Bao stumbled, the Lumia 929 is supposed to be available already in a gray market. With the Lumia 929, Nokia would bring a device for the first time what is similar to the Samsung Galaxy S4 which has a five-inch display. This closes the gap between the smaller Lumia 925 and the giant Phablet 1520.

A similar variant for Europe is to be expected, such as the Lumia 935. Technically, the Lumia 929 is largely a more manageable version of the giant - Phablet Lumia 1520, currently which is one of the best Windows Phone Smartphone available in the market. The most important difference is that the new Lumia 929 is with its five-inch screen much easier to handle than the six-inch Phablet.

Like the Lumia 1520; Lumia 929 is coming with fast quad-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 with 2.2 GHz. The new Lumia would be significantly faster than the current Lumias in terms of the graphics performance and is expected to quadruple as the Lumia a1520. The operating system is Windows Phone 8 and it is used in the current version GDR3 with any extension of Nokia's Lumia Black firmware. Wireless Charging with Qi -compatible charging cradle is possible; NFC, Bluetooth 4.0 and improved microphone technique (three or more microphones) are installed.

Important difference with Lumia 1520 is that its memory is not expandable supposedly, but 32 GB could be installed. The five-inch screen comes with a Full HD resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, while the Lumia 925 has only 1280x768 pixels. Tension remains the question of whether the new technology is installed for better readability in direct sunlight. The 20 megapixel camera is expected to resemble the Pure View camera with which the Lumia 1520 has.

In this case, the phone uses the high resolution of the sensor in order to optimize image quality for smaller variants of the five-megapixel photos. Flash replacement has done to serve a dual LED light. The Lumia 929 could be seen at the Mobile World Congress in late February as the last Windows phone under the brand name Nokia before Microsoft complete the acquisition of Nokia's mobile phone division. With the Lumia 929, Nokia and Microsoft could introduce a Windows Superphone the latest technology generation on the wireless trade show in Barcelona last, the much handier than the size of its technical model Lumia 1520. We can only hope that the version for the European market comes similar to that of Lumia 935 in the color range in the market.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Nokia "Batman” a low-cost Windows Phone with extra large screen

While Nokia is preparing the release of a Lumia 525 (code name Glee) oriented entry-level music, the firm also working on a very affordable new model Smartphone with a large screen.

The Twitter site EvLeaks has revealed the codename for the next Lumia 1320 which would be called "Batman" internally and which could become the entry-level Smartphone Nokia XL.

According to internal sources Nokia is going to modify its Nokia Lumia 625 seeking to expand it’s entry-level to touch little more users. In this context, the idea would come to offer a Smartphone positioning itself as the Lumia 625.

Batman will have the screen size of 4.7 -inch as such Lumia 625, a 5 megapixel camera on the back and a VGA camera in front. In other words, Nokia could simply revise its Lumia 625 with some features down to nibble a bit more market share in the Smartphone sector with big screen with a Price tag below 250 Euros.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Nokia Lumia 1520 A full-HD mobile phone

Nokia apparently intends to present the Lumia 1520 Smartphone with a 6 -inch display and full HD resolution and a 20 - megapixel camera. The device may be the last Smartphone under the brand name Nokia. The Twitter user evleaks has now posted a picture of the Smartphone. The supposed 6 -inch screen with full HD resolution is good to see. Apparently Nokia is planning for this year is still for a Smartphone with 6- inch display and full HD resolution. Under the name of the currently circulating device Lumia 1520 photos are now surfaced at first. On the comparison Lumia 1520 appears much larger than the Lumia 1020 next to it. The red skin seems to be made of polycarbonate. In addition, a cover in the style of induction chargers from Nokia can be seen. The processor is the source called a Snapdragon CPU with four cores. Windows Phone 8 is probably installed in the latest stage of GDR3 for full HD resolution. Instead, the 20- megapixel camera is available in Lumia 1520. In September, the Lumia 1520 could be presented.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Microsoft takeover Nokia for 5.4 billion Euros

Microsoft announced the acquisition of Nokia and majority of its assets including devices and services and a license agreement on the patent portfolio and mapping services of the Finnish firm. Some had predicted, others are still waiting but Microsoft has finally created a moderate surprise this morning by announcing its decision to acquire the devices and services division of Nokia to 5.44 billion. The two companies were closely spaced from February 2011 under an agreement that Nokia was the main promoter of the Windows Phone platform. The transaction amount includes 3.79 billion that is spent on purchase of Nokia Devices & Services (Lumia Smartphones, tablets, mobile Asha) and 1.65 billion for licensing the patent portfolio and services maps. In addition, Microsoft will provide 1.5 billion Euros in convertible bonds that Nokia may avail. Stephen Elop will take the head of this extended terminal division at Microsoft Stephen Elop, Nokia CEO so back to the fold to lead an expanded terminal division. 32,000 Nokia employees will work at Microsoft, which 4700 are based in Finland, and 18,300 are involved in the manufacture, assembly and packaging.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Nokia Lumia 1020 with 41 megapixels!

In 2012, the Nokia 808 Pure View with 41 megapixel camera was released, gain in July 2013, Nokia Lumia the successor of its pixel monster with Windows Phone 8. In the first glance the Nokia Lumina 1020 looks like regular model of Lumia phones. According to the blog reports, the Lumia 1020 comes with two gigabytes of RAM and 32 gigabytes of internal memory. Expansion through Memory card is not provided. Also this Nokia Smartphone will offer additional cases that support wireless charging. In addition, NFC and an FM radio on board. About the pre-installed "Camera Pro" app, you can also configure the camera manually. To set about the white balance, ISO setting and shutter speed manually. Nokia has indirectly confirmed that this Nokia's new camera phone will actually have a 41 megapixel sensor. For other Smartphones is closing at a maximum resolution camera 13 megapixels. The blog ViziLeaks already shows photos of the alleged internal supposed "Elvis" equipment mentioned in circulation. In the market it will be named as Lumia 1000 Eos or Lumia Smartphone as 1020. As the test of its predecessor Nokia 808 Pure View shows the main advantage of the sharper sensor is not necessarily in the ability to store photos in huge resolution. It's more about the optimization of image quality: This creates better at the end of eight or five-megapixel photos than a normal camera sensor. Unique to mobile phone cameras is the ability to zoom in quasi photos and videos at Pure View mode. The 41-megapixel technology Nokia has called Pure View 1 technology. For Lumia 920 and Lumia 925, however, the Pure View-2 technique was used: the higher image sharpness alone does not, however, provide through an optical image stabilizer for shake-poor video footage and high-intensity shooting in dull lighting or without flash. Exciting - but technically not that easy - would be the combination of both technologies: How would shoot in low light or low steady video possible as well as photos with impressive image quality. If Nokia manages to square this circle is on 11 Show in July.

According to the Windows Phone Central 1020 is equipped with 720p OLED display. Just like the Lumia 920 will be surrounded by a shell of polycarbonate, The Nokia 1020, Compared to Lumia 920 is one millimeter thinner - but it has a large recess for the camera. Nevertheless, it is much thicker than other Smartphones, especially as the sleek Lumia 925. With the 41-megapixel Nokia technique demonstrated its expertise in mobile phone cameras – then their competitors cannot match. If Nokia is able to combine the technique of photo 808 View Pure and Lumia 925, Nokia's new friends would find many pixels monster.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Nokia stops production of Symbian devices from this summer

According to the Financial Times, Nokia deliver the latest Symbian devices in July. The Finnish firm has turned to Windows Phone and its family of entry-level mobile like Asha. Soon Nokia stop making instruments based on Symbian OS devices. This is the information got through the Financial Times and saying that the latest models will be shiped this summer. In fact, Nokia has not released new models from the 808 PureView and its 41 megapixel camera sensor marketed mid-2012. The priority is to the Windows Phone with which Nokia controls more than 80% market share thanks to the Lumia 920 and 710. The manufacturer has passed 5.6 million devices in its first quarter 2013 alone. Besides Windows Phone, Nokia remains on the feature phones segment with Asha range, the last model Asha 501 is expected this summer in the market for 109 Euros without subscription. This phone is the first to use as the new operating system software platform Asha becomes an operating system as such to replace Symbian.

Nokia Unveils a New Windows Phone on July 11

Nokia has sent out invitations to a press conference that promises "zoom reinvented." It could be a Smartphone with the 41 megapixel PureView technology. After a surprise with the 808 PureView equipped with a 41 megapixel camera sensor, Nokia stated that this technology would be adapted to the range of its Lumia Windows Phone. Though the most recent models, such as Lumia 920, 925 and 928 are labeled PureView, there is still no 41 megapixel horizon. The wait could end on July 11 at the press conference in New York. The invitation to the press yesterday by Nokia mentions a "reinvented zoom" that portends a new model for the gifted picture. Perhaps this may be the Nokia "EOS" including images appeared last week. They reveal Lumia reflecting the design of the 920 and whose back bears a prominent picture module where we see two LED and Xenon flash. Anyway Nokia, which has always been the best picture quality of Smartphones one of its distinctive arguments must react while Samsung will hunt on his land with the Galaxy S4 Zoom, be released in July.