Wednesday 11 September 2013

Nokia Lumia 1520 A full-HD mobile phone

Nokia apparently intends to present the Lumia 1520 Smartphone with a 6 -inch display and full HD resolution and a 20 - megapixel camera. The device may be the last Smartphone under the brand name Nokia. The Twitter user evleaks has now posted a picture of the Smartphone. The supposed 6 -inch screen with full HD resolution is good to see. Apparently Nokia is planning for this year is still for a Smartphone with 6- inch display and full HD resolution. Under the name of the currently circulating device Lumia 1520 photos are now surfaced at first. On the comparison Lumia 1520 appears much larger than the Lumia 1020 next to it. The red skin seems to be made of polycarbonate. In addition, a cover in the style of induction chargers from Nokia can be seen. The processor is the source called a Snapdragon CPU with four cores. Windows Phone 8 is probably installed in the latest stage of GDR3 for full HD resolution. Instead, the 20- megapixel camera is available in Lumia 1520. In September, the Lumia 1520 could be presented.

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